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    Beyout Investment Group (BIG Holding)

    الكويت - الكويت
    صاحب عمل (القطاع الخاص)
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    BIG (holding) is a large investment holding company managing integrated services portfolios. BIG was incorporated in 2006 to manage portfolios of an existing group of significantly growing companies and to diversify further into complementary service industries across the MENA region. BIG principally operates in two major sectors – Defense and Construction. Since its inception, the Group moved into the Real Estate and Facility Management and Education sectors. The role of the subsidiaries operating under BIG is to utilize the synergies that exist between them to come up with turnkey solutions to their valuable clients.
    BIG’s (holding) vision to become a core part of every corporation’s life extends for a greater cause that guides all its current and future investments: to build Kuwait and contribute to the development of the MENA Region.
    The Group also invests heavily in its human resources positioning them as the main element for success. As such the Group adopted a culture that fosters empowerment and ownership, encourages innovation and new ideas, and captures and retains talent.


     Ensures that all the project requirements are taken care of; at the same time he/she ensures that the three constraints (quality, cost as well as time) that face every project are properly managed At times he/she may have to act like a customer representative and makes sure that they meet the needs of the client depending on their understanding of the firm they are working for. He/She may also often times be tasked with the role of arranging for and see to it that trade shows are carried out well. This includes but not limited to supervising or managing other staff involved in the trade show. They are expected to properly manage time and budgets that are set aside for the success of any given project. Involved in the recruitment of new staff that are required in the successful completion of any one project. A project manager works and liaises with outside vendors to make sure that all the materials needed for any given project are availed at the right time. The task of making all the necessary travel arrangements is also vested on the project manager. This includes securing hotel and meeting rooms if needed in a given project. Working with the stakeholders of the project in question to ensure that they are adequately informed on the project’s progress. Monitors progress of the project objectives through weekly progress meeting and set up priorities for project team members. Trains project personnel to reach goals for the project organization. Provides up to date information to management regarding progress of each projects & religiously observes and implements company policies. Ensures data quality in the different Service management tools  Defines and drives overall customer satisfaction indicators and levels Development of succession plans and professional development within areas of responsibility.  Oversees the Support Services budgets with the respective managers to ensure that spending is on-track and budget issues are identified and resolved in a timely manner He/She will accept leadership responsibilities for all internal and external project pursuit coordination. Internal leadership responsibilities will include managing all available resources within the organization He/She will act as the focal point for the development of relationships with defined end users Optimizes manpower, equipment, and materials allocation, and ensures no materials are wasted on assigned site.  Meet with clients to determine scope of project and analyse systems and procedures. Maintain standards of safety and comply with Company’s Health, Safety & Environment Management System requirements  Maintains a strategic working relationship with team and all key departments.  Be a lead Ambassador of BIG at all times
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    Basic Function and scope : Acts as a support function for the Operation Manager in a day to day basis. Also as a point of contact with existing, employee structure while operation Manager absence can work effectively with staff and clients indiverse situations      DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Collect and analyze reports from operations’ units and generate a consolidated report to Operations Manager. Attend meetings with Operations Manager, prepare MOM and follow up with all concerned on tasks to be completed within deadlines. Schedule meetings and appointments for Operations Manager, and ensure Operations Manager daily and weekly agenda are managed properly. Conduct researches, and provide analyzed outcome to Operations Manager. Communicate with operations work units and respond efficiently to ensure proper closure of open items. Communicate with other departments and clients- whenever requested by Operations Manager. Organize and maintain files, records, both in soft and hard copies as directed by Operations Manager.   Work closely with Operations Team to finalize marketing approaches such as “Newsletter”, e-communication, clips, etc. Assist Operations Manager in reviewing and analyzing new/additional requirements for new projects and meet with all units concerned to make a fair assessment of these requirements. Prepare presentations when required. Coordinate activities with other supervisory personnel or with other work units or departments. Work with employees to facilitate productivity or to overcome difficult aspects of work. Make recommendations to management concerning such issues as staffing decisions or procedural changes.
    الدور الوظيفي: الإدارة قطاع الشركة: إدارة المستوى المهني: متوسط الخبرة
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    Mohamed Shaker El-Sherif

    Group Corporate Controller
    Beyout Investment Group (BIG Holding) الكويت - الكويت

    Daniel Zigby

    IT Manager
    beyout investment group (big holding) الكويت - حولي

    Samar Qashou

    Business Systems Specialist
    Beyout Investment Group (BIG Holding) الكويت - الكويت

    Yunus sinji

    Procurement Specialist
    Beyout Investment Group (BIG Holding) الكويت
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