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    Damian Dynamics

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    Damian Dynamics is an independent consulting organization specializing in Disaster Recovery planning and preparedness for the telecommunications sector. We provide a range of services designed to help both government and private sector clients anticipate their needs in a crisis situation, and prepare to respond effectively to ensure continuity of critical processes and services.

    Damian Dynamics specializes in Disaster Recovery analysis, planning, implementation, and testing/exercising for data and communications networks. Communications infrastructure is critical to a successful Disaster Recovery process, and can mitigate the adverse impact on life and property. Unfortunately, these networks are often among the first to get severely damaged in disasters, making communication very difficult or impossible. By implementing preparedness measures and establishing comprehensive Disaster Recovery plans in advance of a crisis, government entities and corporations alike can ensure the protection of essential facilities and the timely restoration of services.

    Damian Dynamics is different from other consulting companies. We provide only professional services, and do not represent the interests of any specific carrier, product or service. We tailor our services to the specific needs of your company. Drawing from a wide talent pool of independent contractors, we can assemble the right team of experts to assist your organization in its Disaster Recovery efforts. This approach keeps our overhead at a minimum and ensures that you get the expertise you need with minimal front end investment of operating capital.

    While no one likes to anticipate the worst, investing the time and resources prior to a crisis situation will protect lives and property and will optimize the recovery process. “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”