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    Qatar District Cooling Company

    قطر - الدوحة
    صاحب عمل (القطاع الخاص)
    100-499 موظف
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    At Qatar Cool we believe in providing the best of both worlds. We believe that tradition can work with technology and that abundant cooling doesn't have to abuse the environment. With that in mind, we spare no effort to serve our customers with environmentally friendly cooling solutions.

    Our business approach is to treat our customers and business providers as partners, where we, not only have their best interests at heart, but also the best interests of the community we serve.

    We’re always on the lookout for new technologies that can improve our processes and add value to our stakeholders as we incorporate values such as pro-activeness and commitment in our daily jobs.

    Our health, safety and environment initiatives are integral to the way we do business and our Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Department (QEHS) is committed to its “safety first, last, and always” motto, where it spares no effort to strictly enforce the health and safety policies companywide. Our fundamental belief is that all injuries can be avoided so we always aim for zero injuries and we take the precautionary measures to achieve this.

    We value our customers above all else. The success of our operations heavily relies on our interaction with our customers so we have incorporated “customer focus” in our company DNA and put in place a variety of measures to obtain regular feedback from our customers.

    Our commitment to providing an environmentally friendly service is also in line with the environmental aspect of the Qatar National Vision 2030.


    Our vision is to be the leading provider of reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly district cooling services.


    Transparency Professionalism Proactivity Enthusiasm Customer focus Team spirit Commitment

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    Job Objective  Assist in the project management of new and improvement of existing projects (ETS’s, Plants and PDN’s) through preparation and design/drawings, site and contractor supervision up to completed and constructed site. May manage smaller projects independently. Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities Participate in the evaluation of market studies (new project feasibility study) proposed/commissioned by the Commercial Department and provide technical knowledge, inputs and recommendations for said new projects (including cost related issues, feasibility, technical evaluation, technical recommendation) with alternative solutions where needed. Assist in the development of technical tenders for new projects and collect and assist in gathering all tender related information from the different departments and review all technical data for incompletion and mistakes. Check and evaluate the designs/drawings as drafted by consultants and contractors and provide technical input where needed. Participate in the discussions with contractors and consultants during construction phase on engineering matters and participate in the overseeing of the work done as per the directions of the Project Manager. Participate in the inspection of the work done by contractors and consultants and assist in overseeing the work done, manuals drafted, materials used and constructed Plant, PDN or ETS. Develop and create status reports on the work done. Participate in the preparation of project cost and time estimates. May prepare detailed project cost estimates for smaller projects. Perform site inspection and validate contractor’s invoice based on the progress of work. Prepare the necessary correspondence (letters, MEMO’s, etc) as assigned by the Project. Resolve conflicts/problems that may arise on site. Coordinate with Project Manager as needed. Apply all safety rules and regulations as required and ensure they are kept and adhered to on construction sites. Provide administrative management to all construction contracts and all related services including Contractor’s Payments, Contractor’s claim for Time Extension/Variation Order and Projects Closeout along with the necessary coordination with the QC Finance Department. Ensure proper handover of sites/projects to O&S & prepare the necessary cost analysis and Data Base.  
    الدور الوظيفي: الهندسة قطاع الشركة: الخدمات المستوى المهني: متوسط الخبرة
    Job Objective Oversee the Control Systems, Instrumentation and Automation for the Plants, HEX’s, PDN’s and ETS’s as well as provide technical input in upcoming projects, from  the initial design stage to end stage with regard to the Automation and Instrumentation processes.  Responsible for improvements in Plant Control System and ensure improvement execution. Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities Ensure that the Services and Operations teams are adequately supported by managing issues related to the Control Systems, Instrumentation and Automation at Plants and ETS’s. Responsible for design, maintenance, modification and improvements of Control Systems, Instrumentation and Automation of all the existing Plants, ETS’s and upcoming projects. Assist Production Manager in reviewing and suggesting improvements in technical proposals of new projects in terms of Control Systems, Instrumentation and Automation, assist in the re-design thereof with improved processes and ensure the execution. Work Closely with Production Manager  to automate the Plants and make the required improvements in Control Systems to achieve optimum performance of the plant.  Oversee the preventive maintenance and calibration of specific instruments related to control systems and instrumentation. Oversee the day to day operations of the team and ensure all activities are carried out by the team as required and instructed at Plants and ETS’s. Ensure all safety procedures are adhered to and followed for all work related activities. Participate in site inspections to check and provide input to the contractor on issues related to control systems, automation and instrumentation. Oversee that the procurement team is provided with relevant information for ordering materials for maintenance of Instrumentation and Control Systems. Responsible for the development of policies and procedures for the Digital system and ensure the compliance thereof.   Coach and mentor direct subordinates to develop their skills and ensure continuous people development. Develop Budget for Digital system maintenance.  Perform any other duty as assigned by the Head Production and Distribution.  
    الدور الوظيفي: غيرذلك قطاع الشركة: الخدمات المستوى المهني: إدارة
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    Ahmad Shehadeh

    Chief Financial Officer- (CPA & CGMA)
    Qatar District Cooling Company قطر

    Sikkender Hussain CIPP, PM Abdul Rahim Korankiyan Mohammed

    Procurement Coordinator
    Qatar District Cooling Company قطر - الدوحة

    Mohamed Anas Ghouse

    Financial Analyst
    Qatar District Cooling Company قطر - الدوحة

    Rabie Dimasy

    Office Manager / PA
    Qatar District Cooling Company قطر
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