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    مركز سلطان

    بيع بالتجزئة/بيع بالجملة
    الكويت - الفراوانية
    صاحب عمل (القطاع الخاص)
    500 موظف أو أكثر
    الموقع الالكتروني:
    سنة التأسيس:


    Sultan Center Food Products Co. K.S.C. (better known as The Sultan Center or TSC) is an established group of companies based in Kuwait, with operations also in Oman, Jordan, Lebanon and Bahrain. With retail as its primary focus, TSC is Kuwait’s largest independent retailer and a leading supplier of supermarket items, fresh food, and general merchandise in the Middle East. With 13 stores in Kuwait, more outlets overseas, and further ambitious expansion plans, TSC has secured its position as Kuwait’s premier retailer and one of the Gulf’s leading businesses. The key to our successful growth lies in our unwavering commitment to offering all our customers value in terms of variety, quality and service providing the largest range of quality merchandise from around the world, unrivalled levels of customer service based on industry best practices, a clean and inviting family atmosphere and unique shopping experience. We provide our customers with innovative benefits and special offers through our loyalty program and direct marketing savings opportunities along with commitment to serving the communities in which we do business. With its well-established infrastructure, TSC is perfectly positioned for future expansion, both in Kuwait domestic market and abroad.


    Build and manage a profitable diversified portfolio of businesses aiming to increase shareholders’ value.


    To be the customer’s preferred choice through teamwork, collaboration, and excellent performance.


    We have an open, diverse culture where everyone is empowered, held accountable and treated with respect This is embodied in our core values of trust, commitment, integrity, innovation, collaboration and by recognizing and rewarding excellent performance.

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