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    Wasla Outsourcing

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    Wasla Outsourcing is a company established in 2003 specialized in outsourcing all company’s related human resources activities as well as Information Technology.
    The business community is the main driver toward the prosperity of any nation. Its members add value with every product and service they provide. They add security with every career they offer to employees who support themselves and their families. They add competition to urge the best out of each other and drive the nation to global competitiveness. They add pride to every citizen when local high quality products and services exceed expectations. But the business community will only drive its nation to prosperity through acquiring and applying advanced business knowledge.


    “To be the unique, trustworthy source of business expertise for organizations in the MENA region seeking to embrace the full potential of their resources as well as the market trends”.


    “To maintain partnership with business organizations to articulate shareholders’ strategy, acquire talents, and develop best practices in a way reflected on their return on investment”.

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    Hazem Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed

    Workforce Senior Analyst
    Wasla Outsourcing مصر - القاهرة

    Yasmin El Esawey

    Training and Organization Development Manager
    Wasla Outsourcing مصر - القاهرة

    Ahmed Emad Elbahy Elkholy

    IT help-desk Team Leader
    Wasla Outsourcing مصر - القاهرة

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