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    Intelligent Transportation Systems Strategy/Planning Advisor

    Transpo Group - أبو ظبي, الإمارات

    الرقم المرجعي JB2053810

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    Position Summary: Working as part of the Transpo team assisting the Integrated ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) Division of Abu Dhabi’s Department of Transport, the post holder will advise the Head of the Strategy and Planning Section on business related aspects of the Section’s work, including Divisional QMS; provide guidance in the planning and programming of ITS and traffic system projects; and monitor the delivery and performance of projects implemented in accordance with the Division’s ITS strategy.

    Please note: This position requires past experience with Intelligent Transportation Systems in the US, Western Europe, Australia, Singapore or Hong Kong.


    The post holder’s tasks will include:

    • Development of business processes required by the I-ITS Division.
    • Development and management of quality system processes, including technical standards and design guidelines.
    • Development, management and reporting of performance measures related to the surface transport networks and associated ITS control systems.
    • Review and update annually Division’s Business Plan and Strategy Plan.
    • Monitor the I-ITS Division’s project pipeline to ensure that emerging projects are in line with the overall ITS Strategy.
    • Develop business cases and support documentation to support the transition of a project from programme pool to design stage.
    • Assist Division’s Projects Unit with project procurement, as required.
    • Monitor the project pipeline to determine progress of each project against quality, budget and programme benchmarks.

    Number of years of experience: 15 years minimum
    Required Qualifications:
    • BSc in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications or similar numerate and relevant subject.
    • (Optional) MSc in any of the above fields.
    • Chartered Engineer or similar professional qualification is an advantage.
    • Sound technical knowledge of ITS and traffic operations, e.g. 7 to 10 years minimum must have been spent in ITS and traffic systems design, operation or maintenance or in traffic operations or in a combination of these
    • Experience will have been gained in a mature ITS environment, e.g. USA, Western Europe, Australia. Other possibilities include Singapore and Hong Kong.

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    الحد الأدنى: 10
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