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    إنتهت صلاحية هذا الإعلان الوظيفي لقد إنتهت صلاحية هذا الإعلان الوظيفي و هو غير مفتوح حاليا لأي طلبات عمل.

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    Occupational Health Nurse

    اسم الشركة محجوب من قبل صاحب العمل - دبي, الإمارات

    الرقم المرجعي JB1817318

    اسم الشركة محجوب من قبل صاحب العمل

    الوصف الوظيفي

    To provide clinical nursing services as part of ongoing health evaluation and health education program.

    1. Receives and responds to requests for all types of health evaluations from HRD and affiliates to ensure requests are processed and the clients informed of the outcome of their requests.

    2. Prepares and completes relevant sections of the health evaluation documentation under the supervision of the Senior Occupational Health Nurse to ensure appropriate and accurate health data recording.

    3. Maintains the system of filing medical records to ensure the records are up to date, identifiable and locatable.

    4. Back up of database on a daily basis to ensure database accuracy and integrity.

    5. Ensures adequate stock of medical consumables and clinic supplies to ensure in-date consumables are available when required.

    6. Collects, dispatches, and follows-up biological samples to and from the laboratory to ensure biological sampling is carried out appropriately and the resulting data is available for the clinical evaluations.

    7. Prepares monthly invoices for submission to the Finance Department as part of the financial management system.

    8. Participates in internal audits and other ISO Management System issues as part of the overall management system.

    9. Carries out clinical routine procedures both at the clinic and on-site as part of the health evaluation system.

    10. Gives presentations to clients to further their awareness and knowledge of health issues.


    • Certified Nurse, qualified at a recognised training establishment

    • Licensed to practice within Dubai.

    • At least 3 years experience in nursing, preferably in occupational health setting.

    • Basic computer literacy (eg Microsoft office applications)

    • Good communication skills

    الخلفية التعليمية

    • Certified Nurse, qualified at a recognized training establishment

    تفاصيل الوظيفة

    الرقم المرجعي:
    منطقة الوظيفة:
    دبي, الإمارات العربية المتحدة
    قطاع الشركة:
    طبيعة عمل الشركة:
    صاحب عمل (القطاع العام)
    الدور الوظيفي:
    الحالة الوظيفية:
    دوام كامل
    نوع التوظيف:
    الراتب الشهري:
    غير محدد
    عدد الوظائف الشاغرة:

    المرشح المفضل

    المستوى المهني:
    عدد سنوات الخبرة:
    الحد الأدنى: 3 الحد الأقصى: 5
    منطقة الإقامة:
    الإمارات العربية المتحدة
    غير محدد
    الإمارات العربية المتحدة