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Share Your Success Story with Bayt.com

We love to hear from members who were interviewed and hired through Bayt.com. We want to hear from you!

If you found your job through Bayt.com, you have the chance to make a real difference in another person's job hunt by sharing your experience. After all, motivation and inspiration are powerful tools when it comes to helping others accomplish their goals.

Share your story with the Bayt.com community!

  • In what way has Bayt.com helped you in your career?
  • What strategies did you use to get hired?
  • What does Bayt.com mean to you?

Success Stories with Bayt.com


Many years with Bayt.com, for me it's not just a website where I can share my CV. For me Bayt.com is a professional platform where I can share knowledge and develop my skills. With Bayt.com I received many offers and recently joined Sports Corner the leading retail company in Qatar and MENA with more than 70 Brands.
As a Digital Media professional, I believe that Bayt.com is a part of my current success and it'll always be my gateway for new career opportunities. Thank you Bayt.com.

Mahmoud Hassan
Company Name: Sports Corner - Qatar
Job Role: Marketing/PR
Date Posted: 2014-12-15

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انا اشتركت في موقع بيت كوم صراحة المميز في بيت كوم هو حساب بيت.كوم بريميوم اشتركت 19 دولار امريكي لمدة شهر لكن اكثر شي مميز فيه هو خدمة تضليل الطلب يخلي طلبك في اول طلب للشركة لك الاولوية في عرض الطلب وصلتني عروض كثيرة ولكن اخترت افضل عرض وتوظفت في اقل من شهر

انصح الشباب والفتيات للباحثيين عن العمل

Company Name: Geidea
Job Role: Human Resources/Personnel
Date Posted: 2014-12-15

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Many Thanks to Bayt.com. I got a placement through Bayt.com as an accountant at PD Vivat, Qatar.

Asif Kulangarakath
Company Name: PD Vivat Project Development - Qatar
Job Role: Accounting/Banking/Finance
Date Posted: 2014-12-07

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I would like to thank the great efforts offered by Bayt.com. I have found my current job in Ghantoot Group Abu Dhabi. I am sure with Bayt.com I'll always have great job opportunities which will develop my career. I thank with all my heart those who are behind this great job site Bayt.com.

Mohd Abdul Mubeen
Company Name: Ghantoot Group of Construction - UAE
Job Role: Engineering
Date Posted: 2014-11-27

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I applied for a vacancy through Bayt.com at Location Solutions as sales representative. They got in touch with me and I did the 1st interview last September. Later I did the 2nd interview through Skype with their manager, and after 2 month I got the job offer from them .
So Bayt .com was a part of my success story to help me find the best job that fits with my skills and experience.

kareem Aljafrawi
Company Name: Location Solutions - KSA
Job Role: Sales
Date Posted: 2014-11-25

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With Bayt.com I joined CEG International one of the biggest companies in the Middle East. Through Bayt.com many companies can very easily access and search for your CV. Thank you Bayt.com.

Abdul Rochim
Company Name: CEG International
Job Role: Engineering
Date Posted: 2014-11-21

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Two years back, I was searching for new opportunity to grow my career life. I joined Bayt.com from a recommendation of a friend of mine.
Actually, Bayt.com was not the only job board that I joined, but via Bayt.com ONLY I got my job in Hilti Kuwait ... even though I didn't apply for that job!
Our current HR manager found me on Bayt.com, now I am a key account manager in my company.
I recommend Bayt.com for others for job hunting.
Thank you Bayt.com

Ahmed El-Banna
Company Name: Hilti Kuwait General Trading
Job Role: Sales
Date Posted: 2014-11-16

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I got hired through Bayt.com. i am currently working with ICRC.
I just wanted to thank Bayt.com for helping me find a job.

Khaled Alomoush
Company Name: ICRC - Jordan
Job Role: Safety
Date Posted: 2014-11-12

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I got selected through Bayt.com last August. I am currentlty working in Alesayi Development Co. as HR Personnel.

Kailas Sankarakurup
Company Name: Alesayi Development Co. - KSA
Job Role: Human Resources/Personnel
Date Posted: 2014-11-12

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I got hired through Bayt.com. Working with Doctoruna.com has been a blessing!

Leena Rahahla
Company Name: Doctoruna.com
Job Role: Customer Service
Date Posted: 2014-11-11

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