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Career Services

CV and Cover Letter Writing

  • Eliminate the screen out factors that result in CV disappointments
  • Increase your CV success rate and secure more interviews
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CV Evaluation

  • Get help deciding whether to invest in a CV makeover
  • Benefit from an Expert Opinion on strengths, weaknesses and structure.

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Psychometric Evaluation

  • A psychometric test is a standardized process to map and plot the psychological traits of an individual for measuring sensitivity, memory, intelligence, aptitude, personality etc. The objective is to interpret these parameters in terms of specific sociological and professional leanings /attributes, aiding an individual to make the best choices in career.
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Service for Unemployed

  • This service is only for unemployed job seekers.
  • As part of our ongoing CSR initiative, we are offering unemployed job-seekers a free professionally drafted CV from Bayt.com Career Services to help them achieve to their fullest potential. Click on ‘Learn more’ below if you think you qualify and would like to know more about this service.
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Application Promotion

  • Communicate your interest to the employer.
  • Get preferential listing in employer inbox.
  • Improve your chances of securing an interview
  • Be eligible for discounts on career service products
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  • If you are a jobseeker - looking for a new job, evaluating a job offer, checking salaries for a future promotion, contemplating a career change or just doing salary benchmarking, - Bayt Salary Search provides the most comprehensive and accurate data in the region with highly advanced data filtration tools.
  • If you are a business owner or HR Manager designing a competitive compensation structure for employees in your organization or -looking to recruit and retain top regional talent - Salary Search will be an invaluable aide with the most accurate and systematized information in the region.
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Other Career Resources

Career Articles and Guides

  • Access valuable articles and guides on issues pertinent to both the job search and work life in general.
  • Get tips and advice on how to approach your first job search, how to interview successfully, how to handle a promotion to management and a plethora of other career-related issues.
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Self Assessment

  • Get the perspective of a hiring manager of your own profile.
  • Evaluate yourself to plan your job search and career better.
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Research Reports

  • Get timely and fresh insights about MENA HR and lifestyle related topics on a monthly basis to help you see a clearer bigger picture
  • Track the MENA Consumer Confidence Index and MENA Job Index quarterly to better plan job moves, purchases, investments, etc..
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Training Resources

  • Learn where you can upgrade your skills, advance your career, finish your degree or start a new one
  • Find out about courses, conferences, seminars, and continuing education programs provided by the best learning providers in the Middle East.
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