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Violations and Fines | Qatar City Guide - Bayt.com


According to Decree No 19 of 2007, issued by HH the Deputy Emir and Heir Apparent Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani these are the new traffic violations and fines.

Traffic Violation
001 Driving a vehicle in the opposite road direction.
002 Parking outside the specified areas or reversing the vehicle when using motorways.
003 Jumping a light at intersections or disobeying traffic police.
004 Driving an unregistered vehicle.
005 Driving a vehicle with unlicensed number plates.
006 Changing or replacing a vital part before obtaining written permission.
007 Car rental companies, car shows, and car repair workshops are not allowed to work before obtaining permissions from the licensing authorities.
008 Establishment of new driving schools is not allowed unless permission is obtained from the licensing authorities.
009 Overtaking and not complying with the right side of the road while driving passenger vehicles, inter alia, buses, trucks, trailers and other equipment.
010 Using vehicles or allow others to use them for personal purposes other than the legitimate purposes stated in the registration or license.
011 Driving with a judicially or administratively confiscated driving license.
012 Driving a vehicle that produces smoke or bad smell or makes noises or emits flammable substances.
013 Driving any kind of vehicle on prohibited roads.
014 Impermissible driving of a loaded vehicle higher than 4.2 meters or wider than 2.6 meters.
015 Driving a vehicle with an expired vehicle license.
016 Making any change in the shape or color or information of the number plates or replacing or lending them.
017 Driving a vehicle with an expired driving license
018 Reversing a vehicle at junctions and public roads is prohibited unless it is a necessity and for short distances not far than 20 meters after using indictors and making sure that the road is vacant and if necessary with the help and guidance of others.
019 Riding manual or automatic motorbikes without holding the handlebars with both hands is only permitted for applying the indicators and it is forbidden to hold on to another vehicle while riding or lifting one wheel up from the ground or carrying or pushing or picking objects which could block off traffic or cause danger to vehicles or passengers.
020 Driving a vehicle that has a license that is judicially or administratively confiscated.
021 Driving a vehicle that has a license that is judicially or administratively confiscated.
022 Loading a vehicle in a way that causes danger to the vehicle and the public.
023 Fixing number plates or advertisements or other police-specific signs or devices on the vehicle, or any act of making the police-specific devices unclear or ineffective or perplexing.
024 Not removing the vehicle from the accident site to the nearest parking after a non-casualty accident if it is possible to move it and report to the police immediately.
025 Applying police-specific warning devices or light alarms, inter alia, police vehicles, ambulances, or civil defense vehicles etc.
026 Applying glass shades over the vehicle.
027 Applying red lights at the front of the vehicle.
028 Impermissible vehicle loading of more than one meter in the front or two meters in the rear. Red signs or lights must be fixed on both sides of the loaded items.
029 Exceeding the maximum speed limit except for those who transfer patients or casualties in a critical condition while using precautionary and warning devices, and the driver must slow down at junctions for safety.
030 Not returning the vehicle number plates to the licensing authority in the case of cancellation, or not reporting immediately to the authority the loss or damage of one or both of the number plates.
031 Using unlicensed commercial number plates.
032 Allowing someone other than the owner or an agent or whoever may be to drive the commercial or under-test number plate vehicle.
033 Not returning the commercial or under-test or temporary entry number plates when cancelled.
034 Applying drawings or writings on any parts of the vehicle or using the vehicle for advertisement with a microphone, or fixing boards or models.
035 Not reporting to the licensing authorities in writing about property transfer within (3 days).
036 Not reporting to the licensing authorities about any changes in the vehicle owner name, nationality, ID, place of residence, or address within (10 days).
037 Not informing the Traffic Department in the case of loss or damage of the vehicle license.
038 Not carrying the license while driving a vehicle or refraining from giving the license to the police.
039 Impermissible transfer of the driving license from the owner to others, or using such license illegally for achieving personal interests.
040 Not complying with the right lane on the road in the following cases:
1. turning to enter another road on the right side.
2. when another vehicle is coming from the opposite direction.
3. another vehicle is overtaking beside.
4. vision is unclear enough.
041 Driving across or on road line(s) if the road is divided into two lanes marked by continued lines.
042 Sudden change in road direction without using indicators or providing enough space in a dangerous way that may affects people and traffic.
043 Driving a vehicle on a prohibited road unless written permission is obtained. 
044 Not fastening the seat belt while driving on roads for both the driver and the front passenger.
045 Talking over the mobile phone or applying other devices or getting involved in watching a vehicle TV.
046 Preoccupied watching a TV inside the vehicle while driving.
047 Placing infants under ten years old in the front seats.
048 Block off or not give way to official convoys.
049 Not leaving enough space, while driving, between the vehicle and other vehicles in front.
050 Overtaking another vehicle from the right side.
051 Increasing speed while another vehicle is overtaking beside and not complying with the right side of the road to let other vehicles overtake smoothly.
052 Not allowing on duty police, ambulances, or civil defense vehicles to pass; or an act of racing them.
053 Refraining from providing the traffic police with the correct information in the case of accidents.
054 Applying front or rear brighter lights during improper weather conditions.
055 Leaving a vehicle without red lights or back reflectors on a dark road during night or bad weather that affects vision.
056 Blocking off traffic by moving a vehicle at an intersection even if having traffic priority.
057 Prohibited parking at the disabled parking areas.
058 Leaving the vehicle on the road without a driver and without taking safety precautions to avoid accidents and illegal use by others, or leaving the vehicle with the switch key inside.
059 Leaving a vehicle on the road in a way that might causes traffic problems or accidents.
060 Blocking roads off or causing danger to property and people by leaving vehicles, animals, or objects on the road.
061 Transporting people in a vehicle that has no seats or that is not passenger-specific.
062 Driving a vehicle without a clearly visible sticker showing the vehicle license and date of expiry.
063 Driving school teachers who violate article No. (33)
064 Not reporting to the Traffic Department or its nearest branch the loss or damage of the driving license.
065 Driving a vehicle which does not conform to safety requirements.
066 Cyclists must drive on the right side of the lane in a queue in case that there is no bicycles-specific lanes while motorbikes must drive on vehicles-specific lanes. It is prohibited to transfer passengers by a motorbike unless it is equipped with another suitable vehicle. Both cyclists and motorcyclists must wear helmets while driving.
067 Not slowing a vehicle down when driving near pedestrian crossings, populated places, or blocking off traffic by unjustifiable slowing down or applying a sudden brake.
068 Driving a vehicle without a horn.
069 Applying the vehicle horn unjustifiably.
070 Applying musical or pneumatic horn.
071 Driving a vehicle without front, rear or number plate lights between sunrise to sunset.
072 Applying bright lights close to the vehicle in front.
073 Not giving priority to vehicles coming from the left side at roundabouts.
074 Not giving priority to vehicles coming from the left side at intersections that have no traffic signals.
075 Not giving priority to vehicles coming from a paved road intersection with unpaved counterpart.
076 Not making sure that the opposite main road is empty while entering from local road.
077 Stopping at prohibited parking areas.
078 Blocking off or causing traffic jam at parking areas.
079 Using a vehicle to transport more than the licensed number of passengers.
080 Not writing weight or number of passengers on the 3-ton or more vehicles.
081 Pedestrians who do not take precautionary measure while crossing the road.
082 Applying unnecessary precautionary devices by emergency vehicles drivers.
083 Leaving the vehicle at a parking lane without adjusting the brighter light to the right side.
084 Pedestrians who walk along the road or on bicycle-specific lanes where pedestrian walkways are available but if such walkways are unavailable pedestrians must walk on the extreme left side of the road in the opposite direction of traffic.