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    AAW is an international, multidisciplinary firm established in 1957 in Cairo, Egypt. with the aim of participating in the development of Countries of the Region by providing professional engineering services. The firm is mainly established and structured to fulfill the specific needs of national programs related to public utilities, community services, industrial facilities and infrastructure projects. AAW has, through the years, proved its leading position amongst the top international consultants through the successful completion of over 800 major projects. AAW’s total staffing is currently about 600 and is spread through offices in Egypt , the Middle East, and Africa.
    In addition to Cairo Head Office, AAW maintains permanent Regional Offices in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman, Yemen , Qatar, and Morocco, which are instantly communicating with each other and with the powerful supporting set-up in Cairo Head Office through a state of the art computer network and electronic communication links to enhance the swift implementation of overseas projects. In addition, AAW is currently carrying out projects in Syria, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, and Namibia.
    AAW has always aspired to achieve project objectives by the selection of the most highly qualified professionals with practical experience combined with academic knowledge. Our key professionals are active on numerous scientific and professional committees, and participate in scientific research.
    AAW activities currently cover, architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical engineering, roads, airports, communication engineering, electric power production and transmission, hydraulics of water supply and wastewater collection system, and hydrology engineering, biological and chemical treatment of water, wastewater and industrial wastes. Last but not least, evaluation of environmental impact of different projects related activities.


    Mohammad Omar Alfarouk Awad Al Said

    Consultant civil site engineer
    AAW consulting engineers Saudi Arabia - Altaif

    Tarek Ghoneim, MCIArb

    Resident Manager, Dubai
    AAW Consulting Engineers United Arab Emirates - Dubai

    Mohamed Gouda

    Senior Architectural Engineer
    AAW Consulting Engineers Egypt - Cairo

    Mohamed Fawzy Gomha

    Senior Bridge/ Structural Design Engineer
    AAW Consulting Engineers Egypt - Cairo
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