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    Abdullatif And Mohammed Al-Fozan Co.

    Saudi Arabia
    Employer (Private Sector)
    500 Employees or more


    Al-Fozan Group was established in 1969 by Al-Fozan Brothers to fill a gap in the sector of building materials in the Kingdom. The management has succeeded in placing the group ahead of the competition by adhering to a strict policy of superior quality and customer service.

    Today Al-Fozan has become one of the largest importer of steel, wood, electrical and hardware material as well as a leading manufacturer of steel and wooden products for the building / Construction industry.

    Al-Fozan business interest is well diversified. It includes partnership with companies involved in various activities.

    The group also owns and operates quite a sizable real estate portfolio in the major cities of the Kingdom, which includes commercial, industrial & residential properties.

    In the last few years, Al-Fozan has been one of the fastest growing companies in the Kingdom and enjoys a distinguished reputation around the Kingdom.

    Underlying the strength of Al-Fozan's achievements is an unshakable commitment from the working staff at different levels; People who take pride in their work and dedicate to service and excellence. The well-developed organizational infrastructure and skilled management team, support the company's ambition to achieve greater and ongoing success and growth.

    The harmony between Al-Fozan and the market guarantees continuous growth and development in product lines and customer service as well as in market share and profitability.

    Al-Fozan today is a continuing success story, which will remain its non-stop quest for growth and distinctiveness.