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Al Ain Distribution Company

Government Sector
United Arab Emirates - Al Ain
Employer (Private Sector)
500 employees or more


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    Al Ain Distribution Co. (AADC ) was formed from the electricity and water distribution functions of the former Water & Electricity Department on 1 January 1999. The Company is responsible for the sale and distribution of water and electricity, including operations, maintenance, meter reading, and customer billing. AADC provides services to more than 100,000 customers throughout the eastern portion of Emirate of Abu Dhabi (excluding Abu Dhabi City).

    The water and electricity sector is under the overall control of the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA). However, with the need for investment and improvements to customer services AADC was formed to manage these changes.

    His Highness Sheikh Diab Bin Zayed AI Nahyan, Chairman of both ADWEA and AADC, has many plans intended to improve customer services, including:

    -simplifying the method of payment.
    -providing an 'easy to read' combined bill.
    -constructing a one-stop shop providing customer services.

    Considerable financial investment is planned for a new billing system, installation of water meters, a new call centre, and IT services. AADC also plans to reduce operational expenditure by adopting the latest and most modern business practices in all areas of the company. This with the support of our dedicated staff will help us achieve our goal of becoming the best water and electricity company in the Middle East.


Customer Service

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Avg. Experience: 13 years

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Human Resources/Personnel

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