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    Al Foah

    United Arab Emirates - Al Ain
    Employer (Private Sector)
    1-9 Employees



    To bring the remarkableness of dates into the daily life of every person around the globe.


    Build a global Arabian date brand, confirming to the world the UAE's position as the center of Arabian innovation and it's leadership of the Arabian Renaissance.


    Efficiency Integrity Professionalism Transparency Cooperation Creativity Communication Excellence


    Arc/Argon Welding Perform arc and/or argon welding to accomplish assigned tasks based on the nature of the welding needed and the type and thickness of metal to be welded. Oxygen Welding Operate oxygen cutting and welding torches for any copper, aluminum, MS steel or other metals, which needs light welding.  Adjust levels of gas and fuel pressures through regulating valves of oxygen welding machines to ensure that no excess amounts are wasted. Normal Processes Understand tasks assigned by discussing the problem with the maintenance requester so that clear identification of the problem and identification of the solution are made in order to ensure fast effective maintenance of the defective machine. Accomplish assigned duties using different technical alternatives of welding as required. Communicate with maintenance engineer to request welding supplies of metallic spare parts from company stores to complete assigned duties as per company procedures and policies.  Coordinate with the maintenance outsourcing companies in case of outsourcing the maintenance operations of any machine, equipment or facility, to communicate machines’ problem and learn new welding techniques if possible in order to save the company outsourcing costs when similar defects happen in the future. Maintain welding equipments and machines by cleaning torches’ holes, checking gas houses for cracks and regulating valves in order to make sure machines’ effective functioning and accomplish tasks when assigned as fast as possiblePolicies & Procedures Implement and follow approved departmental policies, procedures and instructions to ensure that all work processes are aligned with Al Foah practices and regulations.Statements & Reports Prepare and submit reports on duties assigned and maintenance operations carried out during certain period upon maintenance engineer request to track tasks accomplished and operations’ progress and ensure that no duplication or overlapping of work happens. Report all serious issues or unsolved problems to the maintenance engineer so that he can decide on the way forward.Continuous Improvement Contribute to the identification of new opportunities to enhance work quality and improve both efficiency and productivity.Quality, Health & SafetyImplement and follow health and safety policies of the company while performing assigned duties to ensure that no personal damages occur and risks are reduced as much as possible.
    Job Role: Other Company Industry: Agriculture/Forestry/Fishing Career Level: Entry Level
    Inventory Monitor inventory levels to be able to communicate when inventory replenishment is needed. Check in showroom stocks that we have trays, wrapping paper and boxes to maximize customer service. Relationship Management Build relationships with regular/ key clients to ensure complete customer satisfaction, identify future sale opportunities and build networks for the organization. Policies & Procedures Follow all relevant departmental policies, processes, standard operating procedures and instructions so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner. Continuous Improvement Contribute to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of sales systems, processes and practices taking into account ‘international best practice’, improvement of business processes, cost reduction and productivity improvement. Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment Ensure compliance to all relevant quality, health, safety and environmental management procedures and controls across the section to guarantee employee safety, legislative compliance, delivery of high quality products/service and a responsible environmental attitude. Reports Recording sales and order information daily to know if we are moving to meet the target of the month. Deposit weekly the sales money into a bank and send receipt to manager to know how much sales is done weekly. Customer Service Greet the customers and understanding their needs, tailoring and introducing the products to meet those needs, to be able to close the sales to achieve the targets. Be polite and very focused when taking orders over the phone to maintain the best level of care for customers. Maintain and develop relationships with existing customers via meetings, telephone calls and Email to maximize the sales. Dealing with all customer complaints regarding product and ensuring that management is aware of these complaints. Displays Maintain cleanliness of the showroom to ensure repetitive sales to meet sales targets. Gaining a clear understanding of customer requirements by being very creativity and efficient in preparing trays or any service. Arrange shelves of the showroom with different products to ensure that all variety of the products is available for customers as per their needs/requirements.    
    Job Role: Sales Company Industry: Agriculture/Forestry/Fishing Career Level: Mid Career
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    Gehan Perera

    ERP Consultant
    Al Foah United Arab Emirates - Al Ain

    Shahidul Islam

    al foah United Arab Emirates - Al Ain

    Eyad Abu-Shairah

    Sr.ERP Consultant
    AL FOAH United Arab Emirates

    hameed shaik

    managing the team
    al foah India - Hyderabad
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