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    Al Hokair & Sons Group For Leisure Tourism Projects

    Saudi Arabia
    Employer (Private Sector)
    500 Employees or more


    Our name is directly connected to Entertainment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The founder and Chairman Mr. Abdul Mohsen Al Hokair, is a pioneering figure in the field of tourism, (Hotels, Motels, resorts, Firnished Apartments, restaurants, Amusement Parks and Plastic Factories etc.). He has been in this Business since 1965, the early days of modern Saudi Arabia. He is in-fact the Chairman of the National Tourism Commitee & President of the Gulf Tourism Commitee that over looks the entertainment and tourism activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    ( Andalusia Group , New Hotel Complea ( Holiday Inn/ Olaya and Alkhobar) And Resort Projects(Holiday Inn Resorts/Half-Moon Bay, Al-Khobar and Aziziah Resort/Al-Khobar)
    will be operated in the mid 2001.
    Other Businesses that include: A&W Restaurants, Plastic Manufacturing and re-Cycling, Meat Processing and Packing Factory.

    In a very latest step in to the trading industry, the group has launched its maiden commercial complex in Al Khobar, naming "Al Hokair Fun & Shop".

    Outside the Kingdom the group has invested in the hospitality industry in both Tunisia and Morocco.