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    Al Khaleejiah Advertising and Public Relations LLC

    Arts/Entertainment/and Media
    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    Employer (Private Sector)
    10-49 Employees


    Al Khaleejiah's head office is based in Jeddah with offices in Riyadh, Dhahran, London, Paris , and Dubai. Furthermore, Al Khaleejiah has established a worldwide network of representatives in the United States of America, Japan, India, Pakistan,China,Egypt,Turkey and Thailand.

    In promoting the portfolio of Saudi Research and Publishing Company publications and Saudi Television (Channels 1 &2) , Al Khaleejiah constantly supports and publishes details ofmedia research and distribution obtained by bona-fide independent companies.

    Al Khaleejiah's media is measurable in terms of quality, reach and, more importantly, value for money.

    Our publications are covered by ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation).

    The Representation
    Today, the Saudi Research & Marketing portfolio stands at sixsteen titles. Monitoring of the markets needs is a continuing and important duty for Al Khaleejiah. The recent media representation of both channels of the national Saudi Television means an added powerhouse for reaching people.

    It is not solely confined to distribution and sales. Whenever a marketing need is identified, a project team is assigned to appraise it and report on the various aspects.