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    Alsalam Aircraft Co.

    Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
    Employer (Private Sector)
    500 Employees or more


    Alsalam Aircraft Company, Ltd. is a joint venture company established in 1988 under the auspices of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Defense and Aviation Economic Offset Program. The company was established as part of the Kingdom’s strategy to develop self-sufficiency in the field of civil and military aircraft maintenance and modification, through technology transfer and development of Saudi nationals. Alsalam has established core capabilities that enable it to perform heavy maintenance and modification on both civil and military aircraft. Currently over 1,700 employees are engaged on civil and military programs. On the civil side of Alsalam’s business since operations began in 1993, Alsalam has performed various levels of maintenance, including D-checks and modifications on B747, B737, B707, L1011 and Bell 406 helicopters in its three wide body hangars, each of which has the capacity to accommodate a B747-300. Alsalam’s military business includes maintenance work up to, and including, Programmed Depot Maintenance (PDM). Fully equipped back shops, a Non-Destructive Testing laboratory and an advanced management information system support all these activities. Facilities for military aircraft include dedicated hangars for each aircraft type, a fuel/defuel hangar, a corrosion control hangar, a strip and paint hangar, and sun shelters. Alsalam is certified by the Saudi Arabian Presidency of Civil Aviation as an approved Repair Station (number MO-008); by the United States Federal Aviation Administration as an approved Part 145 Repair Station (number A87Y591J); and by British Aerospace Quality Assurance (approval number BAe/SSD/QA/90).