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    Real Estate
    Qatar - Doha
    Employer (Private Sector)
    1-9 Employees


    AMLAK is a strategic Holding Company created to manage a number of diversified/related Business units. AMLAK was formed to bring together new assets/ properties under a single point of management through appointing operators to manage and deliver these assets.

    The subsidiary companies fall within sectors such as Hospitality, Retail, Venue Management, Residential etc.

    AMLAK sets the strategic direction & drives the performance of the assets. It also sets strategic standards & guidelines and ensures capability and knowledge sharing across Business units, with select synergy realization. AMLAK focuses on providing long-term financial planning and corporate strategy support to subsidiaries. It also measures and monitor performance of subsidiaries. It also focuses on business development and opportunity selection across the asset classes. AMLAK maximizes synergy realization across assets while building up in-house capabilities to share across its subsidiaries. It also provides administrative/technical support for subsidiaries as needed. The long term goal is to create centers of excellence to leverage across its various asset groups.


    Nishant Gangadharan

    Project Manager
    AMLAK Qatar - Doha

    bassith mahmood

    Administrative Assistant
    AMLAK Qatar - Doha

    Ali Bin Fares

    Marketing communications and sales
    AMLAK Saudi Arabia - Riyadh

    Mohamed fouad

    Senior Oracle Project’s and Financial Consultant Freelancer
    AMLAK Egypt - Cairo
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