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    Arab Monetary Fund

    United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
    Non-Profit Organization
    100-499 Employees
    Year Founded:


    Arab Monetary Fund is a Regional Arab Organisation, Founded in 1976, and has started operations in 1977. Member Countries (22) are: Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Tunisia, Algeria, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, Yemen, Comoros.


    The fund aims at contributing to the achievement of the following objectives:

    1.Correcting disequilibria in the balance of payments of member States.
    2.Striving for the removal of restrictions on current payments between member States.
    3.Establishing policies and modes of Arab monetary co-operation.
    4.Rendering advice, whenever called upon to do so, with regard to policies related to the investment of the financial resources of member States in foreign markets.
    5.Promoting the development of Arab financial markets.
    6.Paving the way towards the creation of a unified Arab currency.
    7.Promote trade among member States.


    صندوق النقد العربي مؤسسة مالية عربية مقرها في مدينة أبوظبي، دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة، يهدف إلى إرساء أسس التكامل الاقتصادي العربي والإسراع بعملية التنمية الاقتصادية في البلدان العربية. يرغب الصندوق في شغل وظيفة " مسؤول علاقات عامة" للمساهمة في إدارة وتنفيذ مهام وحدة العلاقات العامة والمبادرة في توطيد العلاقات بين الصندوق والجهات الرسمية في الدولة والدول الأعضاء وشركات الطيران والفنادق والخدمات اللوجستية ، وكافة متطلبات تنظيم اللقاءات الرسمية والمؤتمرات وورش العمل والدورات التدريبية. المهام الرئيسية:• المساهمة في إدارة ومتابعة إنجاز كافة المعاملات مع الجهات الرسمية المختصة كتأشيرات الزيارة والعمل وتجديد الإقامات.• المساهمة في تنظيم اللقاءات الرسمية والمؤتمرات وورش العمل والدورات التدريبية.• المساهمة في إدارة وتنفيذ جميع الترتيبات المتعلقة بإنجاز حجوزات السفر والفنادق وفقاً للإجراءات المتبعة.• إجراء الترتيبات اللازمة بشأن استقبال الوفود والجهات التي تزور الصندوق. • تطوير واستدامة علاقات العمل، بحرفية تامة، مع الجهات ذات العلاقة.
    Job Role: Marketing/PR Company Industry: Finance/Economics Career Level: Mid Career
    Arab Monetary Fund, a regional organization based in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), with the objective of laying monetary foundations of Arab economic integration and accelerating the process of economic development in Arab Countries. AMF is seeking “Senior Statisticians” for its Economic & Technical Department. Job Purpose: To assist in leading the Statistic Division activities and improving its systems & process and methodologies, aiming to maximize the potential of the statistics team and delivery of quality statistical database and duly compiled reports on a variety of economic issues and contribute in studies and records activities. Duties & Responsibilities: - Supervise and as necessary undertake the collection of information from member nations through standardized reports as prescribed by AMF standards. - Consolidate daily data received into reports and send for publication and inclusion in AMF’s periodic bulletins and external website. - Perform first line quality assurance on reports prepared by statisticians checking for accuracy, validity and consistency. - Implement up to date statistical methodologies. - Prepare and follow through changes in system and work procedures. This covers all relevant departmental policies, processes, standard operating procedures and instructions to ensure work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner. - Contribute to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of section systems, processes and practices taking into account ‘international best practice’, improvement of business processes, cost reduction and productivity improvement. - Assist in the preparation of departmental statements and reports The fund offers competitive terms of service in accordance with the applicable employment policy, which includes tax free salary, housing, furniture, air tickets, education allowance, and life & medical insurance. Qualified candidates are kindly requested to send their resume, mentioning the job title in subject line to:
    Job Role: Accounting/Banking/Finance Company Industry: Finance/Economics Career Level: Mid Career
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    Aya Hajjar

    First Secretary, Economic Dept.
    Arab Monetary Fund United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi

    Belal Atiyah

    Senior Settlement Officer
    Arab Monetary Fund United Arab Emirates

    areej alzoubi

    HR Admin Assistant
    Arab Monetary Fund United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi

    zainab Qusay

    Arab Monetary Fund United Arab Emirates
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