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    Public Relations
    Saudi Arabia
    Employer (Private Sector)
    10-49 Employees


    The Arabian Establishment for Researches and Public Relations constitutes a modern conception in the field of media work. From the start it has taken upon itself to arrange for substituting the traditional beliefs prevailing in the field of media and public relations that do not coincide with the nature of modern economical and social developments, uprising in telecommunications and information, and the modern terminologies that have started to dominate over the various fields of business, such as globalization, information and internet.

    The main object behind the incorporation of the establishment was the provision of advertising and publicity services in an effective and productive manner, in a real and modernized form that would always enable it to gain the precedency in providing new and creative thoughts in such a manner that the advertising and research work should be linked to the actual economical and productive reality, in support of the same, and being far away from the traditional thoughts and ideas.

    The main instrument adopted by the establishment was its creativity and boldness in suggesting serious ideas, implementing modern techniques as an effective instrument in the field of advertising and public relations and the encouragement of young researchers to be creative in various fields.

    Through several years of performance and achievement the Arabian Establishment for Researches and Public Relations (A.E.R.P.R) remained in continuous development and had been precedent in the creation and execution of several important advertising projects. In addition to this its acti