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Manufacturing and Production
Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
Employer (Private Sector)
500 employees or more
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  • About

    ARASCO was founded in 1983 as a pure agricultural services company and has been expanding aggressively since then. Today, ARASCO portfolio includes several strategic business units (SBU’s) in areas that include feed milling, corn refining, dicalcium phosphate production, poultry processing, logistics, bulk handling, agrochemicals, and analytic services. The team of ARASCO exceeds around 2,000 employees located throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company has always been on the top 100 Saudi companies list since the first time it was published (ranked 53rd in 2009).

  • Mission

    Supporting the sustainability of food security in the kingdom and the region in general.

  • Values

    1. The straight way:
    Honesty, integrity, and decency. This is what we are about as a company and individuals.

    2. Students of the business:
    We see problems as opportunities. We seek to learn from others. We are open to change and will always challenge status quo.

    3. Respect:
    We treat others with respect. People are equal regardless of their race, color, and religion.

    4. Responsibility:
    Towards our stakeholders as well as the environment we operate in, the resource we use, and the communities we serve.



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