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Bahwan Cybertek

Information Technology
Oman - Muscat
Employer (Private Sector)
500 employees or more


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    About Bahwan CyberTek:-

    BCT is a software products and solutions Company assessed @SEI CMM Level 5, with a vision to enhance value to its customers through Hybrid business models, employing more than 1000 people, with operations in Oman, India, UAE and the USA. It is one of the fastest growing technology companies with successful ventures in technology products, enterprise application software development and implementation services. With a growth rate of 100% per year since our inception in 1999, we are currently at $60 million and are projected to reach $100 Million by the end of the year.

    Business Lines:-

    BCT is primarily into Oracle Apps/ERP implementations and software Products using Java / J2EE technologies.
    BCT is a Certified Oracle/BEA Partner (Worldwide) providing Technology, Middleware and Applications Implementation services

    Bahwan CyberTek has good stability when it comes to projects & Implementation of the same. With 500 plus successful projects being implemented across various technologies and industry verticals. Bahwan CyberTek has show-cased its strength in technology, consulting and implementation area



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