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    Bank of Jordan

    Employer (Private Sector)
    500 Employees or more


    About Bank of Jordan

    Founded in 1960, Bank of Jordan is one of the leading banks in the kingdom. Since its establishment and for the past 52 years Bank of Jordan has adopted continuous development, and improvement in all its activities and areas of expertise (both finance and banking). Since its establishment the bank has kept abreast with the rapid development in the banking sector, both locally and internationally.

    Today, Bank of Jordan is one of the largest five local commercial banks with a capital of JD155.1 million, and assets valuing JD2,016.6 million, costumer's deposits valuing JD1,552.6 Million and shareholder equity are at an amount of JD276.5 Million on by 31/12/2012, The bank also owns a variety of distribution outlets, including a network of 95 branches and offices, and a network of 138 ATM systems across Jordan and Palestine, in addition to electronic distribution channels, which include Phone Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and short message services (SMS).

    Bank of Jordan is one of the largest banks operating in the Kingdom, providing a comprehensive and diversified number of advanced and high quality banking products and services for individuals to meet the different demands and aspirations of this wide range of customers. As well as for corporate and SME's.

    Today, Bank of Jordan group has Bank of Jordan- Jordan with its branches in Palestine, Bank of Jordan- Syria, Jordan Leasing Company, and Excel for Financial Investment Company.


    -Keeps equipment operational by following manufacturer instructions and established procedures.-Secures information by completing database backups.-Provides historical reference by utilizing filing and retrieval systems.-Maintains technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reading secretarial publications.-Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.Maintains department schedule by maintaining calendars for department personnel; arranging meetings, conferences, teleconferences, and travel.-Completes requests by greeting visitors, in person or on the telephone; answering or referring inquiries.-Maintains confidence and protects operations by keeping information confidential.Prepares reports by collecting information.
    Job Role: Secretarial Company Industry: Banking Career Level: Entry Level
    Career Objective: Achieving control over accounting operations element and ensure that the regulatory authorities (the central bank) Electronic files on the automated system of the Central Bank and the analysis of general and administrative expenses of the bank and prepare statements of financial statements and reports of financial supervision in accordance with laws and regulations and the powers of the Organization and the instructions and requirements of the regulatory authorities. Responsibilities: 1- Regularly participates in the preparation of the Central Bank reports (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual) meet the requirements of the Central Bank of Jordan and the regulatory authorities and are working on the review for accuracy and validity before they are submitted directly to the Administrator. 2- Manages the mobilization of electronic files mechanism according to the special instructions with regard to the regular reports required by the central bank, and audits and makes sure to send them within the specified period. 3- Participates in preparing the budget for publication preparation (quarterly and semi-annual and annual) to branches of Jordan and unify it with the budgets of outer branches and subsidiaries in order to prepare the consolidated balance sheet of the bank and passes it directly to the Administrator. 4- Makes constraints of the investment shares and prepares monthly statement for stocks that are sent to the Central Bank within the period specified in the instructions as well as the preparing of lists of movement on the fair value reserve and retained earnings and restricted earnings evaluation, and regularly match the portfolio of investment in stocks (global markets) with the corresponding balance in the automated system. 5- Makes studies and comparisons of financial ratios and financial analysis required by the department / senior management / director of third-party and passes direct administrator / director of the department for review. 6- Watches the general and administrative expenses of the Bank and prepare statements with its analytical and makes sure of the accounting guidance health. 7- Participates in the preparation of monthly financial reports and passes it directly to the official in order to be audited and reviewed.   8- Participates in the preparation of financial statements and data necessary to facilitate the work of the internal and external auditors and match them with the auditors and makes Financial Ratios studies included, which reflect the financial position of the bank. 9- Supervises financial comparisons with the total of banks on monthly basis and with each bank separately every three months and makes studies and Financial Ratios necessary for the meetings of the Board of Directors and the Committee of assets and liabilities. 10- Participates in the control of the general ledger balances of the bank branches and the process and follow-up of accounts that appear odd to accounting nature by printing the necessary statements for that, and coordinates with the Unit Manager for follow-up. 11- Participates in matching and following up on interests received in advance and prepaid and accrued unpaid / unreceived by printing statements and regulatory following-up. 12- Participates in the preparation / auditing the annual report of the Bank in coordination with the departments concerned. 13- Provides subsidiaries and associate companies with the reports and studies required. 14- Works as a permanent/ alternative member within a business continuity plan and generalized fundamentalist emergency teams, and performs all the functions required by the plan and ensures the reduction of the effects of the crisis and recovery operations as soon as possible. Working conditions and environment: * The Job nature is office work.* The Job requires good planning and organizing.* The Job requires a computer with the necessary systems. The nature of communication and work relationships: * Daily verbal/ written communication with the direct manager to pass work and get it done.* Daily verbal/ written communication to answer the inquiries of the concerned employees / complete the paper work.* Daily* Verbal/written/ telephonic communication –based on the need- with the meant departments to obtain the approval and finalize the work. Job Framework and Authority limits: • Work within specific work procedures and policies.• Pass work papers based on the authority given.    
    Job Role: Accounting/Banking/Finance Company Industry: Banking Career Level: Mid Career
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    Khalid Siriani

    Marketing Communication Manager - Jordan & Palestine
    Bank Of Jordan Jordan - Amman

    louai ghounaim

    Head of Branchs managment
    Bank of Jordan Jordan

    ayman dra

    sales and service officer
    bank of jordan Jordan - Amman

    khalil petro

    Personnel Unit Manager
    Bank of Jordan Jordan - Amman
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