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    Bank of Jordan

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    About Bank of Jordan

    Founded in 1960, Bank of Jordan is one of the leading banks in the kingdom. Since its establishment and for the past 52 years Bank of Jordan has adopted continuous development, and improvement in all its activities and areas of expertise (both finance and banking). Since its establishment the bank has kept abreast with the rapid development in the banking sector, both locally and internationally.

    Today, Bank of Jordan is one of the largest five local commercial banks with a capital of JD155.1 million, and assets valuing JD2,016.6 million, costumer's deposits valuing JD1,552.6 Million and shareholder equity are at an amount of JD276.5 Million on by 31/12/2012, The bank also owns a variety of distribution outlets, including a network of 95 branches and offices, and a network of 138 ATM systems across Jordan and Palestine, in addition to electronic distribution channels, which include Phone Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and short message services (SMS).

    Bank of Jordan is one of the largest banks operating in the Kingdom, providing a comprehensive and diversified number of advanced and high quality banking products and services for individuals to meet the different demands and aspirations of this wide range of customers. As well as for corporate and SME's.

    Today, Bank of Jordan group has Bank of Jordan- Jordan with its branches in Palestine, Bank of Jordan- Syria, Jordan Leasing Company, and Excel for Financial Investment Company.


    louai ghounaim

    Head of Branchs managment
    Bank of Jordan Jordan

    ayman dra

    sales and service officer
    bank of jordan Jordan - Amman

    muhannad jaffal

    manager assistant
    bank of jordan Jordan - Mafraq

    eyas yousef

    Network Engineer Group Leader
    bank of jordan Jordan
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