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    Employer (Private Sector)
    100-499 Employees


    BCI is a leading regional information and communication technology and securit solutions provider with a client base of over 900 satisfied customers across the MENA region.
    Today, BCI stands at the front line as a trusted ally in the field.
    At BCI, we are passionate about our business. We rely on our core principles of trust, professionalism, and quality services and solutions to guide our decisions and actions, ensuring that everything we do is beneficial to our client, the company, and our partners.
    Our continuous quest to partner only with the best and most advanced providers of communications and security solutions ensures that BCI offers the latest solutions that allow you to be more connected, more mobile, and more secure than ever before.
    Our focus is on satisfying client needs, and we work together with our clients to better understand their business and their requirements. With an unwavering philosophy of doing it right the first time, we have developed a track record that speaks for itself, and the fact that a good part of our business is repeat and referral is an endorsement we are proud of.

    An Overview of Our Business:
    Established in 1995, BCI was founded by Mr. Said Baransi to meet the needs of emerging regional ICT markets. With a sound knowledge base and a strong network of global partners, BCI has since evolved into a regionally recognized advisor and provider of top of the line services and infrastructure solutions spanning a range of sectors.
    With a focus on quality, efficiency, and specialized knowledge, BCI has successfully maintained and expanded a diverse portfolio of clients across the MENA region. Throughout the past fifteen years, we have been committed to servicing clients based on their key business needs, and have thus also expanded our range of solutions and applications, ensuring that we are able to take on turn-key projects for clients of various sizes, sectors and industries and with a broad spectrum of requirements.


    saed salameh

    Senior Product Engineer
    BCI Palestine

    Mohamad Abu Daqa

    Senior HR Manager
    bci Jordan - Amman

    Iyad Nubani

    Team Leader for Programming and Development
    BCI Palestine - Jerusalem

    Ala'a wardani

    Maintenance Engineer
    BCI Jordan
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