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    Employer (Private Sector)
    10-49 Employees


    A Leading Supplier of Post-Tensioned Systems for More than 50 Years

    CCL Stressing Systems Limited operates out of Leeds, England and has a long established constructions products and systems history & worldwide presence. The range of ccl products and systems reflects over 50 years of continuous and on going development and use.

    Ccl post-tensioning systems meet the requirements of the latest Fib “Recommendations for Acceptance of Post-Tensioning Systems”.

    CCL Engineering sal (offshore) are specialist design firm specialized in post-tensioning and are pioneers in the development of Post-Tensioning Systems.

    In the 1990’s ccl established a branch in Dubai, UAE (DHPCC-ccl)counting now more than 100 experienced engineers and technicians specialized in pre-stressing techniques and working jointly to serve the Gulf Area.

    In view of recent construction development in the State of Qatar, ccl Qatar has been created as an independent local company to provide a closer support to the Qatari market.

    Ccl Qatar enjoys a full back-up from the base in Dubai and from its principle, ccl in the U.K.
    As ccl was involved predominantly in the introduction of post-tensioning into buildings in the Gulf Countries, our local team has a wide experience in the application of various post-tensioning systems:
    Unbound, Grouted, Mono-strand and Multi-strand.
    Application are in building slabs, transfer beams, ground slabs, bridges and reservoirs.

    Alike other ccl branches, ccl Qatar provides:
    -Value engineering and specialized design services to contractors and consultants. Such technical services are carried out by professional and qualified staff to internationally recognized standards.
    -Supply of post-tensioning materials.
    -Supervision of execution and provision of specialized equipment.


    Mena Safwat Ayad Ayad

    Senior Site Engineer
    CCL Qatar w.l.l. Egypt
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