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    Information Technology
    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    Employer (Public Sector)
    100-499 Employees


    ENOC is effectively wholly owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai (“ICD”), an entity wholly owned by the Government of Dubai. The company was incorporated with limited
    liability in the Emirate of Dubai in April 1993 and has its headquarter in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    Since its establishment in 1993, ENOC has made significant progress in meeting its overall objectives and currently predicates in an increasingly broad range of business ventures. ENOC owns directly and indirectly 31 subsidiaries and joint ventures.

    ENOC operates through four business segments namely:

    • Supply, Trading & Processing - condensate and gas processing and oil trading
    • Terminals - Storage for various petroleum and chemical products
    • Marketing - Marketing of aviation fuel, lubes, chemicals and industrials products
    • Retail - Retailing fuel and non-fuel services at retail stations

    ENOC provides the energy behind Dubai’s phenomenal growth. It touches almost every facet of the Emirate’s development and puts its name firmly on the overseas arena.

    Responsible, reliable, innovative and progressive, ENOC is the ‘Energy Partner of Choice’. From the shores of the Emirates to the Far East, Europe, and Africa, ENOC is now actively
    pursuing further global expansion.

    Today ENOC is poised to engage in a new and challenging period of future growth and diversification.


    Job Purpose Responsible to evaluate the training needs for the staff, Quality and Safety, with the focus on driver needs. The incumbent will also be assist the management team for the driver recruitment, training, assessment, certification and development to ensure that the fuel deliveries are affected in safe and timely manner, in line with the company’s safety and quality practices. Principal Accountabilities Training on procedures and process Continual training on quality and safety procedures. Prepare training schedule for heavy duty drivers for the year Develop training material for safety and quality trainings for heavy duty drivers. Counselling of heavy duty drivers in case of quality or safety incidents Assisting management to meet monitor and maintain Quality, safety and EHS KPI. Responsible to prepare training material and impart trainings for Field Supervisors. Assessment of Heavy Duty Drivers: Prepare training program for newly recruited company or outsourced heavy duty drivers. Monitor the training progress with periodic assessments On completion of the training period, assess the heavy duty drivers and certify them for independent scheduling for fuel deliveries. Monitor their progress during the probation period and update management on completion of the probation period. On the Job Training for Heavy Duty Drivers: Select and develop senior heavy duty drivers as on the job trainers. Assign newly joined drivers along with driver trainers for on the job training quality and safety procedures and processes. Interview the trainers on the progress and behaviour of the trainee drivers. Mentoring of Heavy Duty Drivers: To avoid abuse of power and authority To avoid misuse and damage of company property To be more friendly towards each other and avoid discrimination To maintain personal and professional standards To avoid blame culture and to avoid conflicts To maintain code of conduct for ethical behaviour Incident Investigation – Quality & Safety: Gathering information at site Analysing information gathered Identifying risk control measures Assisting in interviewing the employee to obtain facts. Assisting the investigation team to finalise report Assist in review and update of Quality & Safety Procedures Help identify quality and safety goals Assist in identifying critical KPI Identify audit practice for internal and external audits Help identify customer satisfaction and feedback Assist in identifying continual improvement programs Assist in pre audit assessments. Review and inspection of Personal Protective Equipment: Identify PPE requirement for drivers Identification of work hazards Selection of PPE Coordination with EHS for approvals Identification and assessment of PPE vendors Training employees in the proper use of PPE Identifying internal and external trainings: Coordinate with L&D for in house trainings available Suggest suitable trainings in view of the tasks to be performed Identify self-improvement trainings. Develop audio / visual and classroom trainings for employees. Maintain calendar for periodic refresher trainings for quality, safety & EHS Liaise with supervisors to release employees for trainings Liaise with external training centres through L&D / EHS for training at external venues Maintain training calendar for all staff. Develop material for Gate / Tool Box meetings Maintain training records: Observations & listings Individual file records on trainings Statistics and reports for external training centres Compiling training records and data for management reviews Training record availability and accessibility Support Operations: Assessment of customer new locations, quality, safety & EHS. Support operations for HDD test for recruitment Support operations for assessment and certification of new HDD Attending to / assisting in accidents and emergencies. Attend all ED meetings Suggest HDD for Employee of the month Review and revise Standard Trip Time as and when required. Monitoring of fleet activities through GPS system: Responsible for liaising with supplier to avail the required reports and alerts through GPS Identifying and marking various road hazards and speed limits through GPS to alert drivers Monitor driver behaviour, over-speeding, harsh braking, fatigue, maintain lane discipline etc. Obtaining over-speeding reports, reviewing and counselling of employees Obtaining critical reports through GPS for management reviews Identify drivers not adhering to speed limits for disciplinary actions and counselling.  
    Job Role: Other Company Industry: Information Technology Career Level: Mid Career
    Job Purpose Under the day to day supervision of Account Manager, the fleet sales supervisor is responsible for achieving and exceeding the agree targets through acquiring and managing excellent customer service for fleet accounts at the designated counter in the site. He is also responsible for the achievement of targeted fleet account by visiting potential fleet companies in the market and offering Tasjeel services. Principal Accountabilities 3.1 Fleet Sales Management/Supervision Responsibility, in conjunction with the Account Manager, for the achievement of sales targets by visiting potential companies in the market. 3.2 Customer Service Responsible for the maintenance of outstanding customer service at the fleet account counter. Ensure all fleet account customer received faster service as per standards set by Account Manager. Handles all customer complaints, in his shift, in a professional and courteous manner. Responsible to achieve targeted customer satisfaction index score & Mystery shopper score at the site. Tasjeel ImageMakes sure fleet companies do not overcrowd the test-bays or the waiting hall and monitors the fleet counter staff’s performance on a regular basis. Administrative Responsibilities Explore business opportunities and generate PR in conjunction with Account Manager. Analysis and Consolidation of all Tasjeel select card/debit card account details from sales representatives and forward to HO for card processing. Keep a track for all the select account document that received through his sales team. Development and maintenance of Sales team rosters, time sheets and personnel records as required by Account Manager. Analysis and Generation of daily Sales statements and cash covers for collection. Consolidation ,analysis and reporting of daily collected fees report for his shift. Inter-site visits and visits to Tasjeel Head Office for weekly meetings and QMS meetings, when required Financial Management Analyze the Monthly Sales and Income Report from HO. Monitor all expenses relating to fleet counters operations to ensure these remain within Budget limits. 3.6 Staff Supervision Responsible for the supervision and guidance to all sales representative staff to ensure that outstanding levels of customer service are maintained at all times.Sets realistic individual and group performance targets and monitors achievement of the same. Provides on the job guidance and training to existing staff to ensure corporate standards are maintained.
    Job Role: Sales Company Industry: Information Technology Career Level: Mid Career
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