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    Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University

    Education, Training, and Library
    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    Employer (Public Sector)
    100-499 Employees
    Year Founded:



    What Makes HBMSU Unique?

    HBMSU is an institution with many opportunities on the horizon. Being one of the first movers in e-learning in the Arab World, and having been the first accredited e-learning academic institution by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research have given the university a competitive advantage. The University’s commitment to transform education in the Arab World remains strong. The university has a particular focus on areas of particular relevance to today’s Arab World. Its mission focuses on lifelong learning and the technological dimensions of education that are becoming increasingly important in an increasingly competitive educational market.. HBMSU has much to be proud of and a strong base on which to communicate its many offerings to their target audience and positively contribute to the social and economic development of the Arab World.

    The early stages of development of the university have been associated with the following areas which we intend to preserve as the institution develops and grows:

    * a strong focus on educating learners to the limits of their ability;
    * a strong focus on development of skills necessary for life-long learning;
    * a continued emphasis on quality programs;
    * a learner-centered environment;
    * a continued strong focus on excellence in e- learning.

    We will work together to make HBMSU “the University of Choice to the Arab World with international significance” a reality, and we will provide the necessary evidence for our stakeholders in particular our major funding partner the government of Dubai to see us that way. As we make each decision, we will keep in mind making HBMSU a better place, for learners, faculty, staff and the community we serve.



    To be the University of Choice in the Arab World in shaping the future of education and learning through innovative solutions.


    To provide high quality programs using virtual learning environment, supporting the pursuit of lifelong learning, addressing critical activities of economic development in the Arab World, pioneering in e-learning, providing unique learners experience and growing knowledge and its dissemination through excellence in research and knowledge transfer.


    People Driven: The foundation of our success is ultimately our valued employees through whom we can deliver all of our key objectives. Process Oriented: One of the key pillars of our competitiveness is how we design our value change and build key capabilities that can enable us address our customer needs in both the short and long term. Technology Enabled: Through our motto 'evolution of education' we will put in place a state of the art IT infrastructure for the purpose of integrated, enabling and supporting our core value chain. Customer Centric: Ultimately the key cornerstone of all of our endeavors is our customers and stakeholders. All of our intentions, activities and focus have therefore got to be on identifying their needs, developing 'fitness for purpose' and delivering satisfying options to them. Knowledge-Based: Knowledge, its development and dissemination through the provision of education and learning is our core business.

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    The Institutional Intelligence Director design, develop, deploy, and maintain a comprehensive system of institutional research and intelligence, which provides the university with the capability to determine whether the objectives of its academic, learners, and administrative service units, and the learning outcomes of its academic programs and courses, are being met, to support strategic planning, enrollment management, outcomes assessment, institutional effectiveness, evidence-based decision making, accreditation, and ranking. The Director is responsible for conducting quantitative and qualitative research for identifying and presenting institutional data trends regarding learners, faculty, accreditation requirements, and government mandates.Main Duties:· Develop a well-designed system of institutional research and intelligence, which provides the university with the capability to determine whether the objectives of its academic, student, and administrative service units, and the learning outcomes of its academic programs and courses, are being met. · Implement and maintain the system of institutional research and intelligence according to local and international accreditation requirements and best practices. · Develop regular reports to facilitate management decision-making, assessment, planning, learners’ recruitment and progress, and policy development that include benchmarking data sets against institutional goals and comparisons, and to peer and aspirant institutions including the Annual Fact Book. · Develop and maintain the documentation related to institutional research and intelligence including policies, procedures, forms, guidelines and best practice tools for data collection, reporting, interpretation and analysis, and continuous improvement. · Coordinate and collaborate with the technological development division with regard to the automation of some of the institutional research and intelligence activities including the creation of dashboards for easy interpretation of institutional data. · Collect, analyze and present reliable, relevant and quality institutional data and information to facilitate and support institutional decision-making, planning, budgeting, policy revisions, accountability, accreditation and programs’ assessment, and ranking. · Develop survey instruments to support the information needs and requirements of the University’s internal and external stakeholders. · Provide the university management with data, information, and reports that support institutional planning, ranking, accreditation, policy formation and decision-making. · Provide external stakeholders with the required data and information related to the university. · Support faculty and staff in submissions to local, regional, and international awards. · Ensure institutional data requirements for accreditation and work with the university divisions to ensure data compliance, integrity, consistency and quality assurance. · Maintain an institutional intelligence data repository, share methodologies and research results, and monitor trends. · Perform required awareness sessions/ training on institutional research and intelligence related issues as necessary.
    Job Role: Administration Company Industry: Education, Training, and Library Career Level: Executive/Director
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    وسيم الحـاج

    Center of Arabization & Program Integrity (CAPI) Unit Head / Senior Executive.
    Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University United Arab Emirates - Dubai

    Tareq Al-Turk

    Senior Financial Auditor
    Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University United Arab Emirates - Dubai

    Mohammed Morsi Ali

    Senior Graphic Design
    Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University United Arab Emirates - Dubai

    Mohannad Henno

    e-Learning Applications Head
    Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University United Arab Emirates - Dubai
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