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    Hewlett-Packard Middle East

    Information Technology
    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    Employer (Private Sector)
    50-99 Employees


    We are proud of the people we have in our organization, their performance, and their attitude toward one another, their jobs and the company. The company has been built around the individual, the personal dignity of each and the recognition of personal contributions.

    Relationships within the company depend upon a spirit of cooperation among individuals and groups, a commitment to teamwork, and an attitude of trust and understanding on the part of managers toward their people. These relationships will be good only if employees have faith in the motives and integrity of their peers, managers and the company itself.

    On occasion, situations will arise where people have personal problems which temporarily affect their performance, and it is important that people in such circumstances be treated with understanding while the problems are being resolved.

    HP selects and manages its businesses with a goal of providing long-term employment for its people and opportunities for personal growth and development. In return, HP people are expected to meet certain standards of performance on the job, to adjust to changes in assignments, schedules and the work environment when necessary, and to be willing to learn new skills and to apply them where most critically needed. This flexibility is particularly important in our industry where rapid technological change and intensifying worldwide competition compel us all to continually seek better ways to do our jobs.


    Bernhard Isemann

    Management of Programs and Promotion Middle East
    Hewlett-packard Middle East United Arab Emirates - Dubai

    Mohamed Benrida

    ITIL Service Delivery - Proctor & Gamble Account Country Manager
    Hewlett-Packard Middle East Morocco - Casablanca

    jaber alhaddad

    Business Relationship Manger
    Hewlett-Packard Middle East United Arab Emirates - Dubai

    Mohamed Refaat

    Sr Solution Architect
    hewlett-packard Middle East United Arab Emirates - Dubai
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