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    Jashanmal National Co.

    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    Employer (Private Sector)
    500 Employees or more


    1919 - The Late Rao Sahib Jashanmal opened his first general store in Basra, Iraq. Initially, he imported Household Goods, Men’s Clothing, Stationery and Books and Newspapers. In Basra, Rao Sahib made the firm’s first contact with Muller and Phipps the American agents for everything from underwear to kitchenware.

    1934 - Rao Sahib opened a general store in Safaat Square, Kuwait. In those days, Safaat Square was the destination of the camel trains from Saudi Arabia. When the caravans arrived, customers at Jashanmal would pick their way through groups of resting camel drivers and their ruminating camels.

    1935 - The first store in Bahrain was opened by the Late Narain Jashanmal, eldest son of Rao Sahib.

    1936 - The Late Atma Jashanmal, younger brother of the Late Narain Jashanmal, fresh from University, took over the responsibility for Bahrain.

    1956 - Jashanmal opened their store in Dubai.

    1957 - Abu Dhabi Marine Exploration Company approached Jashanmal with the offer of a facility on Das Island, an Island off the coast of Abu Dhabi.

    1958 - The Late Hiro Jashanmal, the third of Rao Sahib’s sons took over the Dubai store.

    1963 - A second store was opened on the fashionable Fahad Al Salem Street in Kuwait. The most prestigious lines of products were sold.

    1964 - Mohan Jashanmal, the youngest brother, took charge of a new store in Abu Dhabi.

    1964 - A Wholesale Division was created in Kuwait by Gangu Batra, then General Manager of Kuwait.

    In subsequent years, wholesale divisions were also developed in the UAE and Bahrain.