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    M.C.A. People Solutions s.a.r.l

    Employment Placement Agencies/Recruiting
    Lebanon - Beirut
    Employer (Private Sector)
    10-49 Employees


    M.C.A. People Solutions s.a.r.l. is an international training and development consulting firm. We partner with our clients to develop their business through providing them with professional people solutions.

    In addition to the consultancy services, recruitment services, people development and training programs, M.C.A. offers seminars and workshops in areas such as leadership, team building, effective communications, sales success, service knowledge, soft skills programs and organizational development.

    The programs are designed and customized by a network of professionals to address our clients’ needs. It's scientifically crafted and proven method for empowering individuals, teams, and organizations to create change and personal development leading and improving business results.

    “We believe we will only be successful if our clients become successful”

    For additional information, please visit our website: www.mca-ps.com


    1. Develop and control short and long term strategic plans and programs.2. Define and recommend operations objectives to the GM. 3. Prepare and Monitor the operations department budget.4. Serves in the company’s executive board and assist in the strategic planning and development. 5. Prepare budget variance reports.6. Direct and monitor the different departments under his supervision.7. Set/approve the KPI’s of the departments under his supervision.8. Regularly follow-up on the performance of the departments under his supervision.9. Initiate manufacturing programs to monitor operating efficiency, cost, product quality and profit improvement.10. Follow-up and supervise the production functions to ensure that that sales forecasts are met, while ensuring optimum efficiency of plant capacity.11. Develop and monitor plant performance through productivity, waste control, resources management and cost improvement projects. Evaluate performance to identify problems and take corrective action as necessary.12. Follow-up and supervise the Cost control functions to ensure proper implementation of related procedures and respecting operations’ budgets.13. Analyze and review plant activity reports (output, power, waste, productivity, non-conformity…)14. Stay up to date regarding new technologies and manufacturing application and recommend new equipment and machinery.15. Supervise the development of new products and approve their introduction to production.16. Plan for, direct and control the development of new and current products and participate in selecting adequate equipment.17. Initiate innovative ideas for the modernization of manufacturing processes.18. Coordinate planning, directing and controlling factory expansion or modifications programs to accommodate production process changes in response to market demands. 19. Perform feasibility study of new projects.20. Follow-up and supervise maintenance and assets management.21. Follow-up and supervise the Food safety and Quality function by ensuring that standards of quality are maintained through applying effective techniques and quality control procedures with regard to all raw materials, supplies, work-in-progress and finished products.22. Ensure and enforce safety and industrial hygiene programs.23. Ensure accurate implementation of safety policies and procedures. Establish and control at optimum level hygiene and food safety standards.24. Follow-up and supervise the purchasing department to ensure the acquisition of raw material supply, equipment and machinery in accordance with pre-set schedules and programs25. Select, train and assist in the development of operations’ key personnel to carry their duties diligently and have a clear vision of their career path.26. Maintain the operations manual.27. Direct the development of all SOP related to the operations department.28. Maintain the technical direction.29. Have a key role in the employee training and development.30. Is a key member of the Food Safety Team.
    Job Role: Quality Control Company Industry: Employment Placement Agencies/Recruiting Career Level: Executive/Director
    Developing the Warehousing ERP System along with the operational System; use IT systems to manage stock levels, delivery times and transport costs;use associated information systems to coordinate and control the order cycle;use data from IT systems to evaluate performance and quality and to plan improvements;allocate and manage staff resources according to changing needs;manage staff;liaise and negotiate with customers and suppliers;develop business by gaining new contracts, analysing logistical problems and producing new solutions;understand, work with and possibly help to develop e-commerce;continually try to improve and develop business performance within the constraints of legislation, fuel costs and rising environmental pressures.
    Job Role: Logistics Company Industry: Employment Placement Agencies/Recruiting Career Level: Executive/Director
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