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    MEA LC

    Distributions and Logistics
    Employer (Private Sector)
    10-49 employees


    Powerful forces of change are sweeping across the globe. As we attempt to recover from the global financial crisis, many find themselves swamped by the present unrest and the uncertainty of the future. The world is in search of a solution to drive a prosperous global economy. To do so, economic leaders recognize that the engine that will spur global economic growth is world trade. Trade efficiency was pivotal in driving the economic growth around the world that was achieved through containerization over the past 70 years. Today, trade efficiency will again boost our economy for another century to come.
    Trade is founded on four primary industries: commerce, finance, insurance, and logistics. Each industry employs technology, but together they are not achieving the required level of efficiency. The weakest link among these industries is logistics. Yet logistics is also the linchpin that connects our world economy. Therefore, by maximizing the efficiency of global logistics, we will create the platform needed to enhance digital commerce, digital finance and digital insurance too. Thus, we will inject a powerful new level of trade efficiency by maximizing the full potential of 21st century technology, unleashing the required true Digital Economy.
    The digital economy has emerged as a topic of high priority among the custodians of the global economy as they search for a solution to address the urgent economic needs. Today, in association with the Global Coalition for Efficient Logistics (GCEL), a Swiss-based nonprofit organization, the WLC is empowering the true Digital Economy by working together with about 156 governments, 21 NGOs and the world’s most prominent firms, which have a workforce of more than 2.7 million collectively servicing 60% of the world’s GDP. In sum, WLC has the road map, the tools, and the global support to empower the Digital Economy.


    Job Role: Accounting/Banking/Finance Company Industry: Distributions and Logistics Career Level: Mid Career
    Job Role: Secretarial Company Industry: Distributions and Logistics Career Level: Entry Level
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    Zeinab Rahhal

    Manager of Finance and Human Resources
    Mea LC Lebanon - Beirut

    tony assaad

    Software engineer
    MEA LC Lebanon - Beirut
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