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    MEA LC

    Distributions and Logistics
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    The Global Coalition for Efficient Logistics (GCEL), a Swiss-based public/private partnership, is empowering the true Digital Economy by working together with more than 150 governments, 25 NGOs and some of the world's most prominent finance, insurance and technology firms that have a combined workforce of more than 2.7 million and collectively service 60% of the world's GDP. In summary, our organization has the targets, roadmap, tools, and the global consensus to empower the Digital Economy.

    Following 15 years of R&D, pan regional organizations and industry associations have committed to empowering the Digital Economy Platform (DEP) towards building global economic prosperity. Recently, the Digital Economy has been identified to impact 17 out of 25 2015 Turkey B20 Task Force recommendations to the G20 Leaders.

    More than 75% of the world's citizens, through their respective governments, pan-regional organizations and industry associations, have executed MOUs and published regional roadmaps towards the deployment of the Digital Economy.

    Governments and industry associations have executed agreements to conclude the G20 Nations Case Study as a first step to deploy the Digital Economy and nearly 90% of those completed want the proposed Digital Economy.

    The world’s top technology firms with 2.4 million manpower servicing 60% of the world’s GDP have executed strategic agreements towards deploying the Digital Economy globally.

    Our global coalition of organizations involving non-profit, revenue sharing and profit driven organizations is seeking to hire qualified candidates that will play a major role in our mission.

    A passionate and experienced candidate will realize various direct and indirect benefits being part of a global leadership team to bring innovation and transformation to world trade securing greater prosperity for generations to come.


    Zeinab Rahhal

    Manager of Finance and Human Resources
    Mea LC Lebanon - Beirut

    tony assaad

    Software engineer
    MEA LC Lebanon - Beirut
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