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    Modern Fashion Design

    Fashion Design
    Jordan - Amman
    Employer (Private Sector)
    10-49 employees
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    Modern Fashion Design Outfitting your success It was the passion for fashion that led to the founding of Modern Fashion Design (MFD) nearly 2 decades ago. We believe that uniforms are more than just work-wear; they are a reflection of your brand, its values and the high level of service you offer. From hospitality to education, banking to airlines, MFD has succeeded in becoming one of the leading designers and manufacturers in the Middle East catering to the unique needs of each of its clients. MFD prides itself on upholding a refined set of standards in all business aspects. Fabrics are sourced entirely from specialized European houses in the garments sectors, hand picked to complement the nature of your business. Designs are also created with an eye to balance business with elegance, while emphasizing the value of your brand. MFD mirrors your brand. In today’s increasingly consumer-oriented and fast-paced culture, it has become critical for brands to distinguish themselves at first sight. MFD believes that uniforms are an essential part of a brand’s unique identity and a reflection of the core values our clients’ project through their products and services. At MFD, we strive to go a step further by appealing to your specific target through the art of design and visual appeal. At MFD we sell an image. Beyond the ordinary, exceeding all expectations and surpassing imagination. At MFD we create. Stand out. Our purpose is uniqueness and our results unforgettable. MFD…Success is priceless! For more information please visit our website {www.mfd.jo}.


    Maguy Jarjoura

    sales indoor
    Modern Fashion Design Lebanon - Beirut
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