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    Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University

    Education, Training, and Library
    Saudi Arabia - Eastern Province
    Employer (Private Sector)
    100-499 Employees



    The vision of the University's founders is for it to be a unique and distinguished institution of higher education that participates in:

    Preparing future leaders in various fields of human knowledge and its application.
    Enriching and developing intelligence.
    Exploring innovative methodologies and technologies to achieve its objectives.
    Removing the barrier between the academic and business society.


    Prince Mohammad University's mission is to achieve the following objectives:

    Contribute to advancement of human intelligence and promulgation and development of knowledge.
    Prepare specialized candidates in various fields of human knowledge through utilizing modern technologies in the education process.
    Encourage the graduate to play a pioneering and leading role in the community, by teaching him or her how to take responsibilities and to contribute to the solving of problems through innovative thinking, collective work, reflection and self-development.
    Link academic programs and specializations with actual requirements of the surrounding work environment. This is undertaken by maintaining effective participation and cooperation between the University and local business firms.
    Guide research activities to create solutions for persistent problems in the surrounding communities, through applied research and technical consultation. The importance of performing basic scientific research for enriching human intelligence will be emphasized.
    Provide community service through training and education.


    Mustafa Ashour

    Web Services Manager
    Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University Saudi Arabia - Eastern Province

    Nuaman Allahabi

    IT Dirctor
    Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University Saudi Arabia - Khobar

    Mohammad Yaghan

    Operation Manager
    Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University Saudi Arabia - Dammam

    Ahmad Ali

    Senior Web Developer
    prince mohammad bin fahd university Saudi Arabia
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