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Pure Gold

United Arab Emirates - Dubai
Employer (Private Sector)
100-499 employees


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    Pure Gold Jewellers is the realization of a dream and the fulfilment of a vision: to create a brand that consistently delights the customer with excellence and innovation. I am Firoz G. Merchant, Chairman and Founder of Pure Gold Jewelers. It all began in 1989 when my idea took shape as the first Pure Gold Jewellers store.

    With over 2 decades in the market, Pure Gold Jewellers has matured over the years with more than 100 stores in India and the Middle East, along with 2 manufacturing factories in India and 1 in China. By combining the latest design, extensive retail experience, and a range of innovative concepts, today Pure Gold Jewellers has developed as a leading jeweler in Middle East & India.

    The core expertise of Pure Gold Jewellers has always been to provide luxury products at affordable prices with world-class service. We have recently added to this with a venture into a new space – the luxury sunwear space. La Moda Sunglasses is a retail chain of boutique stores, dedicated to luxury sunglasses, offering a wide selection of international brands under one roof. La Moda Sunglasses was established in mid 2008 and in a short time span has 10 stores operational across the UAE. Ferrari, Ray Ban, Emporio Armani, Chopard, Christian Dior, Carrera and Gucci are only some of the leading names that represent the international standing of the La Moda Sunglasses experience.

    Our commitment has ensured the legacy of the Pure Gold Group continues to grow and achieve unprecedented success. Today, it enjoys the status of a leading company in the Middle East and is quickly establishing itself in India too. Yes we have come a long way, but for us, the journey has just begun.



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