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    Rawabi Holding Company

    Construction/Civil Engineering
    Saudi Arabia - Eastern Province
    Employer (Private Sector)
    10-49 Employees


    Rawabi Holding Company
    Abdulaziz Ali AlTurki Group of Companies WE make it happen

    Rawabi Holding has been operating in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries for more than three decades. The group is a leading industrial player and one of the fastest growing companies in the region. Rawabi Holding, based in Al-Khobar, comprises of nearly 30 companies and employs around 2500 employees.

    From geophysicists and IT engineers to drilling foremen, Rawabi Holding is the outlet for today's regional engineering talent. The formula is simple: a vertically integrated company that includes oil & gas, petrochemicals, telecommunications, water proofing, power infrastructure, marine services, environmental solutions, industrial support and international trade.

    In engineering and construction, Rawabi Holding subsidiaries are involved in water networks, pumping stations and plants including pipeline construction capability. Rawabi is also involved in corrosion inspection, detection (Non-Destructive Testing) and Cathodic Protection services.

    Rawabi Trading and Contracting (RTC), the flagship enterprise, was established in 1980. It acts as a purveyor of chemicals, cabling, tubing and mechanical equipment to the domestic oil sector and installs drilling units and pipelines for upstream operations. Mud engineering, snubbing services, drilling operations, and testing and completion are part of what Rawabi offers to its clients through partnerships with international companies.

    Rawabi Holding activities also include manufacturing various types of electrical substations, panel boards, control panels, and telecommunication shelters.

    Aside from its business, Rawabi Holding is very much involved in the society. It sponsors several charity foundations and hosts events that give back to the society.


    Javed Hashmi

    Finance Manager
    Rawabi Holding Company Saudi Arabia - Khobar

    Ismail Othman

    Petroleum Engineer
    Rawabi Holding Company Saudi Arabia - Eastern Province

    Mohammed ZaheerUddin

    Group Internal Auditor
    Rawabi Holding Company Saudi Arabia - Eastern Province

    raymond teodocio

    Corporate Communications Coordinator
    Rawabi Holding Company Saudi Arabia - Eastern Province
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