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SMSA Express Trans. Co., Ltd.

Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
Employer (Private Sector)
500 employees or more


  • About

    Sheikh Sultan Mohammed Saleh Al Athel introduced the world famous FedEx brand and service into the Kingdom in 1994 establishing a distribution service second to none.

    The FedEx name was already one of the world’s most famous companies. The name and the reputation of FedEx was immediately approved and accepted as a leader in the Kingdom’s delivery industry.

    Under the company title of SMSA, which is the abbreviation of Sheikh Sultan Mohammed Saleh Al Athel’s name, the FedEx service quickly spread growing into the largest internal network courier service within the Kingdom.

    SMSA Express Trans. Co., Ltd. connects 180 Cities, towns and villages across the Kingdom with over-night deliveries and guaranteed times of less then 24 hours between the major cities and 24 to 36 hours for distant locations.

    This is achieved by the enthusiasm and dedication of more than 1200 SMSA Express Trans. Co., Ltd. employees working from 5 major distribution hubs and 24 satellite stations.

    The SMSA Express Trans. Co., Ltd. service is continuous with 450 trucks, vans and cars transporting everything from business documents to products and personal gifts between companies, factories homes and offices.

    The SMSA Express Trans. Co., Ltd. claim is to make the sending of packages simple and to make this possible SMSA Express Trans. Co., Ltd. has opened 105 Customer Retail Service Centers where specially trained SMSA Express Trans. Co., Ltd. personnel will help with information and timings of deliveries not only within the Kingdom but over 220 countries and territories around the world.

    There is a SMSA Express Trans. Co., Ltd. Retail Service Center close to you, or alternatively a phone call to the nearest call center will receive immediate attention.

    SMSA Express Trans. Co., Ltd. is dedicated to offering time-definite, most personal, caring delivery service to the most locations in the Kingdom and around the world. We look forward to serving you.

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