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    StratCon FZ-LLC

    Consulting Services
    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    Employer (Private Sector)
    1-9 employees


    BUSINESS VALUE CONSULTING StratCon FZ LLC, is a trusted advisor to companies of every size and in every industry around the globe; helping our clients achieve their business goals and create value for their customers, employees and shareholders. A US and UAE -based consulting company, made out of a group of senior professionals that provide leading edge business consultancy and solutions. We focus on management and strategic consulting services as well as organizational transformations that lower the TCO and improve the efficiency of an organization to be a leader in the market. OUR MISSION IS TO BE YOUR TRUSTED ADVISOR StratCon FZ LLC, is dedicated to value delivery. But we believe that we can only be effective in delivering value when we do so in a way that earns your trust. Trusted advice is more than good advice. Much of business is transacted "as if" it were all in the rational realm. We know that outstanding technical competence (or content) is a non-negotiable, essential ingredient in success, but it is not sufficient. Gaining and keeping your trust is a lot richer than logic alone, and it is a significant component of helping you achieve success. It is not enough for a StratCon professional to be right: Our job is to be helpful.


    Mike Adi

    Managing Director
    StratCon FZ-LLC United Arab Emirates - Dubai
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