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Texas A&M University at Qatar

Education, Training, and Library
Qatar - Doha
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500 employees or more
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    Texas A&M University at Qatar

    Research emphasis areas include environmental issues, advanced water treatment technologies, chemical process safety, petroleum reservoir studies, mathematical modeling, machinery and controls, telecommunications, transportation and roads, electric power generation, distribution and machinery, chemistry, and physics.

    155 graduates since December 2010.

    Student body of nearly 400 comprising students from more than 20 countries.

    The inaugural class of Texas A&M at Qatar began on September 7, 2003, with 29 students, of whom 24 were Qatari and 15 of these were female students.

    Texas A&M at Qatar has more than 20 student organizations and clubs representing students’ diversified interests that range from academic activities to entertainment. Clubs activities range from hosting lectures and art exhibitions to organizing sports activities and environmental awareness activities.

    A student leadership exchange program takes place in the spring of each academic year where 10 students from College Station visit the Qatar campus for a week over spring break and in return 10 Texas A&M at Qatar students visit the College Station campus for a week over their spring break.

    For more information: visit :http://www.qatar.tamu.edu/



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