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    The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

    Community/Social Services/and Nonprofit
    Jordan - Amman
    Non-Profit Organization
    100-499 Employees


    The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is an impartial, neutral and independent organization whose exclusively humanitarian mission is to protect the lives and dignity of victims of war and internal violence and to provide them with assistance. It directs and coordinates the international relief activities conducted by the Movement in situations of conflict. It also endeavours to prevent suffering by promoting and strengthening humanitarian law and universal humanitarian principles.
    For more information on ICRC, please visit our website (www.icrc.org)


    Function The Protection Data Administrator Assistant works under the direct supervision of the Regional Protection Data Administrator (RDA). S/He brings support and is mainly responsible for:- Monitoring – verifying the quality of the data in the DB of the delegations in AoR;- Participation in training on Protection ICT tools- Data analysis and reports at regional level 1) Main responsibilities The PDAA acts as a technical adviser /support for the data administrators in AoR.Under the supervision of the RDA, s/he ensures existing guidelines and procedures are available to DA in AOR.S/he monitors the coherence and consistency of the protection data management in AoR, ensuring that it is done according to standards & guidelines and report identified issues to RDA. More specifically, after consolidating her/his feedback with the RDA, s/he supports the delegations/DA in the following areas: a) Data processingb) Technical use of PROT5/6, FLAnswers, FLWebsite and FLExtranet c) Organization of Protection officesd) Analytical reportinge) Participation in training / coaching of human resources in protection data management, according to needsf) Response to emergencies in AoR. 2) Main tasksa) Plan and carry out workThe PDAA ensures s/he has a good knowledge of the Protection objectives and challenges in the delegations in AoR. Through the analysis of the DB, continuous dialogue with the RDA and the DA in the delegations in AoR, s/he assess the needs and plans her/his support to delegations accordingly.S/he monitors the global coherence and consistency of data management in AoR.S/he identifies problems, reports them to RDA and after validation, makes recommendations and supports DA in improving the data processing, reporting, organisation of the Protection offices. S/he ensures follow up of recommendations.  b) Data processing / managementPDAA ensures DA in AoR are kept up to date on developments related to new tools and guidelines S/he advises DA in AoR in drafting /updating by DA of data entry / working procedures relevant to the protection data management and reports any needs of contextualization / standardization to RDA. S/he promotes the use of Prot6 and other relevant tools to bring / prepare evidence based results on key protection issues at national and regional level.S/he monitors the quality and coherence of protection data management. S/he identifies gaps, inconsistencies, needs, etc., reports them to the RDA and contributes to elaborating solutions and proposals to correct and improve. S/he supervises the documentary management of sensitive information (attachments in Prot 6). c) Technical support to the use of PROT5/6, Family Links Answers, Family Links Website and Family Links Extranet Under the guidance of RDA, the PDAA helps clarifying technical problems raised by DA in AoR. In relation to Prot6:• S/he gives a timely, contextualised answer to questions from the DA related to Prot6, and applies the support model in case of need.In relation to the FLWebsite / FLExtranet:• S/he promotes the use of the FL website and FL extranet and reports any needs for such tools to the RDA.• S/he ensures a regular update / revision of the country pages of the FL website of the delegations in AoR.• In case of emergency and on demand from RDA, s/he supports DA in the management of individual identities in the FLWebsite.• S/he promotes the use of the FL website with NSs in the Region.In relation to the FL Answers:• S/he promotes the FLA application to the NS in his/her AoR and reports any needs for such tools to RDA.• S/he supports the DA in the operational aspects of FL Answers.d) Organisation of the Protection OfficesUnder the guidance of RDA, based on ICRC guidelines, s/he provides support to DA in AoR in the organisation of Protection office. S/he has a good understanding of data management by other departments (e.g. ASSIST, FAS, etc.) concerning information related to Protection (EPMT, AM/PM, GIS, MAD/DET, WPA, etc.).S/he promotes the collaborative spaces to share information (Team Spaces, LN DB for databases, e-learning, etc.) and ensures DA in his/her AoR has access to them and know where to find the information. S/he channels best practices coming from the DA in AoR to the RDA.With the RDA, s/he supports the DA and CoProt in AoR in the process to archive a Protection action.e) Analytical reportingThe PDAA gives support to the DA in AoR for the production of consolidated statistics. S/he implements mechanisms to verify the integrity of the transmitted figures and reports any problems to the RDA.S/he contributes to analytical reports based on protection data in relation to PCP, RLF-Missing, Detention, or other delegation / institution specific priorities. S/he analyses new developments, trends, initiatives in relation to Detention, PCP, RFL and Missing on priority protection and/or other themes in her/his AoR and s/he identifies opportunities and challenges of relevance to ICRC Protection action and report them to the RDA.f) Training / Coaching in protection data managementThe PDAA contributes to ensuring that DA training/learning needs are met and reports any gaps to the RDA.S/he promotes Protection e-learnings for Protection staff (mobile and resident). S/he support the RDA in the organization of a yearly regional workshop for the data administrators in her/his AoR.S/he contributes to ad hoc trainings as relevant.g) Other activitiesS/he contributes to the new Protection ICT projects ( tests of the tools, feedbacks on use…). Contributes/supports delegations in AoR with short term mission to response to emergencies or operational needs.
    Job Role: Other Company Industry: Community/Social Services/and Nonprofit Career Level: Mid Career
    Standard function description: Responsible for a small logistic department mainly independently Handles logistical files independently Implements and runs logistic procedures Handles contractual matters with external interlocutors Supervises a small team, when applicable JOB PURPOSE:  The regional support officer ensures the 1st line customer support in a given functional area. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES: Support Ensure timely and appropriate 1st line support is given to users of JD Edwards, OSCAR Light and interfaces to legacy systems. Ensure unsolved/complex cases are escalated to 2nd line support in a timely matter. Provide data and reports to management. Contribute to the creation of a shared knowledge base. Ensure data consistency on supported sites. Training: Organize key-user training. Organize training for new logisticians Assist in training before go-live of new migrated sites Operational: TBC – execute exceptional processes for small sites with limited skills MAIN TASKS: Support Register issues reported by (key-) users in the region in a timely matter. Resolve simple to moderately complex cases in a given functional area (within Sales, Inventory, Purchase, Planning and/or Transport). Escalate issues to 2nd line support using VSM, follow-up of these issues and ensure feed-back to (key-) users is given. Analyze, document and issue requests for changes. Participate in testing of new functionalities, reports, releases. Issue and/or maintain local procedures and manuals. Perform regular data consistency checks, periodical maintenance. Assist in support (on-site / remote) after go-live of new migrated sites. Training: Organize key-user trainings. Organize training for new logisticians. Assist in training before go-live of new migrated sites. Operational:TBC – execute exceptional processes for small sites with limited skills   Others as assigned RELATIONSHIP:  Maintain a network of key-users, organize (web-) seminars etc  Maintain a network with other regional support centers, 2nd line support and MSSC.  
    Job Role: Logistics Company Industry: Community/Social Services/and Nonprofit Career Level: Mid Career
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    Hisham TAHA

    Head of IT Unit
    The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Sudan - Khartoum

    Haider Wazir

    Biomedical Consultant
    The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Jordan - Amman
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