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    Transparency Group

    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
    Employer (Private Sector)
    10-49 Employees


    Transparency Auto Accesories LLC was founded in the early 2006 and commenced its operation in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The firm engages itself in products such as ProTech (Paint Protection) and Sun ProTech (Window Tinting).
    ProTech is paint protection Founded in Monaco and helps your paint resist harmful substances such as UV rays, acid rain, water, dirt, bird dropping, industrial fallout and overspray, as well as oxidation and fading. These substances reduce the life of the paint by eating into it and leaving scars. The next step involves lengthy paint rejuvenation. It has over 20 years in the making of a top range aesthetic care.
    With the unveiling of a new global logo, Sun ProTech is reaching beyond its traditional market of prestige vehicles to appeal to discerning owners who are looking for the best in quality and comfort. Since its arrival in the Emirates in 2007, Sun ProTech has worked under the guiding principles that have made it such a success in its home country of France: Always providing the highest standard of customer service, and using the best quality products, moreover to ensure employment of the best staff, that have constant supervision of our trained experts from its home country.
    Sun Protech also offers Paint Protection Film, a hi-tech, invisible film that can be fitted to cars to protect them from stone chips and scratches. Given how easy it is for paintwork to be damaged, Venture shield is an essential choice to protect the looks—and value—of any car. Another added factor is that the plastic does not change color with exposure to the sun or turn yellow over the years.”

    Transparency LLC have the advantage of having unique products, which has enabled us to obtain a competitive advantage. This has shown signs growth and opportunity within other GCC countries like Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman. International countries are also being considered such as Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.


    Iyad Moussa

    Managing Partner
    Transparency Group United Arab Emirates - Dubai
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