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    Zamil Group

    Saudi Arabia - Khobar
    Employer (Private Sector)
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    Zamil Group Holding Company is a global investment company with diverse interests and capabilities. Across the continents we provide innovative, high quality and price competitive products and services as well as investment opportunities for investors, partners and stakeholders in the industrial, petrochemicals and services sectors.

    Our range of products and services is expansive and spans air-conditioning manufacturing to architectural glass processing, plastics to steel fabrication and paints and cranes to heavy process equipment. We are also engaged in shipbuilding and repair, port operations and maintenance, petrochemicals and chemicals, industrial investment and general construction.

    The energy driving our more than 60 sector businesses is our 12,000-strong workforce in more than 60 countries, vast manufacturing facilities and strong affiliations with numerous international partners

    Zamil Group has always been a pioneer and a leader within the business community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With a carefully planned and actively implemented entrepreneurial and diversification strategy we have capitalized upon the Kingdom’s favorable economic conditions and the government’s support for the private sector, to harness new and promising opportunities made possible by the availability of natural hydro carbon resources.

    Zamil Group began investing in the plastics industry nearly three decades ago. Our strategic path heralded our entry into capital intensive chemical and petrochemical projects in the early 1990s. These continue to provide rewarding growth opportunities.

    Zamil Group continues to build successful ventures with technology and market leaders, as well as with regional private companies. Our expertise, experience and strengths ensure we are well placed to continue offering our partners very exciting investment prospects.


    sherief Ismaiel Nabeel Hassen hassen

    Operations excellence manager
    Zamil group Saudi Arabia - Khobar

    fahad nassar

    Sales & Marketing Manager
    Zamil Group Saudi Arabia - Khobar

    Muhammad Naveed Hussain

    Finance Manager
    Zamil Group Saudi Arabia - Khobar

    Ian Benedict

    Zamil Group Saudi Arabia - Eastern Province
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