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Access our global database of professional CVs for 2 weeks and contact up to 250 candidates. $ 750.00 for 2 weeks $ 675.00 for 2 weeks -
Access our global database of professional CVs for 1 month and contact up to 500 candidates. $ 1,000.00 per month $ 900.00 per month -
Access our global database of professional CVs for 2 months and contact up to 1,000 candidates. $ 950.00 per month $ 855.00 per month Save 5%

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How does CV Search work?

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We'll give you unlimited access to the largest database of professionals in the Middle East.
Find candidates from our searchable CV database
CV Search is incredibly easy to use; seek out that ideal candidate you're looking for.
Contact the candidates you like
Use your Contact Credits to reveal email addresses and phone numbers of your shortlisted candidates.
Hire and start growing your team
Our recruitment solutions help employers like you save time and money while making recruitment fun!

First-time buyers from certain countries may be requested to submit verification documents before access to the CV database is approved.

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CV Search Features

Access over 18,500,000 global professionals
Because has the largest database of CVs and resumes in the Middle East, your CV Search subscription will give you instant access to thousands of potential candidates for your vacancies.
Save time with advanced filtering
We give you over 30 filtering options, such as industry, years of experience, job role, and more, to really seek out and identify that exact candidate you're looking for.
Tag CVs to find them later
How do you keep track of your shortlisted candidates, or candidates that need to be called for an interview? By using CV tagging, label CVs by priority level, hiring status, theme... or whatever logic you choose. What's more, all CV tags can be searched anytime using our CV Search tool.
Download CVs directly to your Desktop
Often, you will need to save CVs onto your Desktop or email them to your manager for review. Our CV export feature allows you to download all your candidates' CVs in one go in three popular formats: PDF, Excel, or Word.
Create customized letters and dispatch them in bulk
Once you've identified your list of shortlisted candidates, we make it easy for you to contact them all at once. The customized letter feature enables you to write a quick letter, select all candidates, and send. No need to open each and every CV to find their email addresses.

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Common Questions About CV Search

What candidates can I find on's CV database? is a generalist job site, meaning we do not cater to any particular niche or industry in the market.

You will find everyone, from fresh graduates to senior management, among our 18,500,000 professionals. Our candidates come from across all industries, all job roles, all nationalities, and all locations.

Are there any commission fees when I hire through

None whatsoever!

Once you've subscribed to one of our CV Search products, that's it. You can hire as many candidates as you want with one conveniently low price.

For how long do I have access to the CV database?

Your access period will depend on which CV Search subscription you purchased. Each 1-month CV Search subscription period is equal to 30 full days; so for example, a 3-Month CV Search subscription is equal to 90 days of database access.

The only exceptions are the 2-Week CV Search subscription, where your access period is 14 days, and the 1-Year CV Search subscription, where your access period is 365 days.

Once your CV Search subscription is over, you will no longer be able to search and view CVs until you renew your subscription.

How many CVs can I preview during my subscription?

You're free to open and preview as many CVs as you want.

Throughout the duration of your CV Search subscription, you can continually search and preview CVs in our database. However, to reveal the contact details of candidates you're previewing, you will use one of your CV Search Contact Credits.

How many candidates can I contact during my subscription?

We give you 500 CV Search Contact Credits for each month of your subscription period. So if you have a 3-Month CV Search subscription, you may reveal the contact details of up to 1,500 candidates within those 3 months.

The only exception is the 2-Week CV Search subscription, where we give you 250 CV Search Contact Credits to be used within 14 days.

If you happen to use up all your CV Search Contact Credits before your subscription period is over, you're subscription will automatically expire.

Will I still have access to CVs I viewed when my subscription ends?

Yes, for 60 additional days.

All CVs that you viewed with your CV Search Contact Credits will enter a free, 60-day grace period. During this time, you may access your CVs as many times as you want. We recommend you download any CV that you wish to access after this grace period to your computer.

More information can be found in our Service Agreement.