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Employer Resources

Job Description Templates

Bayt.com is happy to provide you with job description templates for different job roles. After all, a clear, concise, and well-researched job description will help not only at the recruitment stage to ensure full relevance and competence of candidates hired; but also at the day-to-day management and performance appraisal stage.

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Research Reports

Researched by a panel of experts, Bayt.com research covers several areas related to the job market, the economy, and professionals in the Middle East and North Africa. Highlights include the biannual Bayt.com Job Index survey, which sheds insight on how the job economy shifts in the MENA region, as well as the Bayt.com Consumer Confidence Index survey, which measures essential economic factors that influence purchasing habits.

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Articles and Guides

The Employer Articles and Guides section contains a wellspring of valuable articles and guides on issues pertinent to recruitment/ hiring in general. Whether it is how to attract, source, screen or retain talent successfully, you will find pertinent tips and advice here.

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