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Closed or Expired Job Posting This job posting is closed or has expired and is no longer open for applications.

Safety & Loss Prevention Officer

Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations - Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ref. JB310842

Job Description

Purpose and Scope

Supervises and controls safety & fire fighting and loss prevention activities in assigned field/terminal. Ensures that all field/terminal based Company personnel and contractors employees adhere to the Company's safety & loss prevention policy, procedures and working practices and that all safety & fire detection, prevention and fighting equipment/systems are maintained in a good working condition at all times. Develops and conducts regular safety & fire-fighting training both in class and fire fighting drills to all field based personnel according to Company fire training schedules. Directs and leads fire fighting efforts in the event of fire and advises field/terminal personnel on proper handling of fire emergencies. Investigates accidents or incidents, submits reports on work practices and recommends the sealing off or shutting down parts of the plant if an unsafe condition exists. Troubleshoots problems and provides advice and assistance aimed at reducing accidents and/or the consequences of accidents.


•Supervises the activities of assigned personnel. Performs supervisory functions and excesses financial authorities established by management for this level.
•Plans and supervises the regular inspection and testing of all fixed fire fighting equipment e.g. fire pumps, mains, trucks, extinguishers, hoses and fire protection/detection systems.
•Participates in the development and implementation of safety & loss prevention policies and procedures. Reviews safety manuals, procedures, documents, method statements and recommends appropriate amendments.
•Plans and carries out detailed safety inspection/ audits of all field locations, facilities, equipment and working practices. Ensures that Company’s safety & loss prevention policies and procedures are adhered to, highlights violations, and recommends changes to existing practices. Same apply to contractors.


Key Performance Indicators
•Good feedback from colleagues and well motivated operations personnel.
•Optimal utilization of resources.
•Preventive maintenance plans are prepared.
•Minor repairs are effected by the unit staff.
•Repair requests are raised on time and followed up with maintenance personnel.
•Shortfalls in policies and procedures identified.
•Proposals to amend procedures are adopted and manuals amended.
•Inspection plans cover all field locations, activities and facilities.
•Inspection audits are completed within the plan period.
•Violations are reported and practical recommendations are raised and implemented.
•Thorough incident reports.
•Recommendations to prevent recurrence are adopted.
•Hazards are identified according to ADCO Safety Manuals, recognized industrial practices and personal experience.
•Weekly training programs and fire drills are conducted for fire teams.
•All other field based personnel (Company & Contractors) are trained given basic training.
•Advice is provided based on recognized standards and safety engineering practices.
•Speedy response to fire incidents.
•Effective fire fighting and rescue operations.
•Good and detailed records.
•Concise and informative reports.
•Agendas are prepared for safety meetings.
•Action items developed/issued

Completion of secondary education (12 years) followed with 3 years full time training in a related subject, e.g Mechanical, Process, Chemical, Electrical or HSE.

Acceptable English language skill

Valid UAE light duty driving license.

5 years fire and safety experience within the oil/ gas industry. Including attendance of specialized safety training in the oil industry.

Job Details

Job Location:
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Company Industry:
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Employer (Private Sector)
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Preferred Candidate

Career Level:
Mid Career
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About This Company

ADCO, the largest crude oil producer in the southern Arabian Gulf, undertakes exploration, drilling, production and export activities in Abu Dhabi's onshore areas, and the shallow coastal waters. The original concession agreement was signed in January 1939 with Petroleum Development (Trucial Coast). In 1962 the company became known as the Abu Dhabi Petroleum Company Ltd. (ADPC), and later became the Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO) in 1978.The company operates on behalf of ADNOC and six industry shareholders and produces oil mainly from five fields: Asab, Bab, Bu Hasa, Sahil and Shah. These fields are linked by more than 450 kilometers of pipeline network to the storage and shipping facilities located at Jabel Dhanna, where tankers load crude oil for export to markets in many parts of the world. Oil production comes also from four other oil fields: Jarn Yaphore, Al Dabb iya, Rumaitha and Shanayel but as early production phase.