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Latest Updates on the App

Create Your CV on the Go

Did you just find an opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on, but you have no current access to a computer? No problem! You can now create your CV using the Bayt.com mobile app.

Refresh Your CV Any Time

Stay on top of the applicants pile by refreshing your CV as often as you’d like using the mobile app.

Keep Your Finger on Your Job Application Stats

Stay updated on the status of your job applications. See whether or not your CV has been viewed and how well you’re doing when compared to other applicants.

Apply to Jobs with Questionnaires

Does that job you really like have a questionnaire that needs to be answered as a part of the application? With the update, you can answer the questionnaire using your phone, any time, anywhere.

Unapply to a Job When You Need to!

By popular demand, we’ve added a feature in the Bayt.com mobile app that lets you unapply to a job vacancy.

Register Directly Using the App

Long gone are the days when you had to use a computer to get a Bayt.com account. Now you can register directly from the app, and even register using your Facebook account.

Find Friends in a Company You Want to Work for

If you have your eye set on joining a particular company, we want to help you leverage your network! Find the friends who work in that company through the app and ask them to put in a good word for you.

Connect with Your Friends on LinkedIn and Facebook

Invite your friends from Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with you on Bayt.com. The app will help you network, and will make it easier for you to invite friends who are not on Bayt.com. Help them find their next jobs, too!

Find Out if You Have Any Friends Working in Companies That Are Hiring

When you view job listings, you can see if you have any friends working for the companies, and then you have the option of sending them a message. This way, you can get insider information or ask them to put in a good word for you.

Get Notified on All Important Matters Regarding Your Job Hunt

We added more notifications to the app to keep you updated on all the news regarding your job search.

Manage Your Recommendations

Recommendations are a great way to display the work you’ve done. You can ask for and manage your recommendations from your managers, friends and colleagues directly from your mobile to add that extra ‘plus’ on your CV.

Get the Mobile Application in Arabic!

You asked for it and now you get it. The Bayt.com mobile app is now available in Arabic.

What's in the App
Job Search

We've simplified job search so that you can look for jobs wherever you are, whenever you want. Our application lets you search for the job you want by country, skill, job title, and company name. If you want, you can even share job openings with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

My Job Applications

You'll never get lost again when it comes to tracking your job applications. See the jobs you've applied for and when – whenever you want to. Our app even divides job applications based on their expiration date, so you'll find valid and expired ones in two different tabs.

Recommended Jobs

With our app, you'll get to receive job recommendations tailored to your needs. No need to run a search – our app automatically recommends jobs based on information found in your CV such as your target job title, location, industry, employment type, employment status, and salary.

My CVs

Keep track of when your CV was last modified, how many views and searches it got, and the number of applications for which it was used – all in one click. Our app even lets you view your CVs and directly email them to employers and friends. Yes, CV tracking has never been easier.

My Job Alerts

Don't ever miss out on the perfect job. We'll tell you when it's there. Instead of running a job search every time you're logged in, our app tells you when a job you'd like is posted based on keywords you choose (for example, a job in “marketing”). It's as simple as that.

My Personal Info

Snap photos of yourself using your phone's camera and use them as your profile picture on your CV. Bayt.com's app makes it easy for you to manage your personal details, such as your profile picture, name and email address directly from your mobile.

My Stats

Two words for CV stats: quick and simple. Our app lets you see how many times your CV was viewed. It even calculates your CV search ratio depending on how many times your CV appeared in search results. Cool, eh?


Never lose track of your CV applications. With our app you can choose to be notified as soon as your CV is viewed by an employer, or when your CV appears in a search result. You can also choose to get notified whenever a relevant job is posted.