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    1. What attracts you to work in Dubai? Job Seeker 2007-01-03
    2. What is your preferred place of work in the GCC? Job Seeker 2006-12-28
    3. Does your work productivity suffer during the holy month of Ramadhan? Job Seeker 2006-09-21
    4. What turns you off the most when interviewing a candidate? Employer 2006-09-14
    5. Does your employer invest in training? Job Seeker 2006-09-14
    6. Would it bother you if your wife earned more than you? Job Seeker 2006-09-10
    7. Is bullying by management or colleagues a problem in the workplace? Job Seeker 2006-08-31
    8. Is it a mistake to marry a career woman? Job Seeker 2006-08-28
    9. Is Dubai's growing traffic problem making your job more difficult? Job Seeker 2006-08-17
    10. How many hours sleep average do you actually get on a regular night? Job Seeker 2006-08-10
    11. How many hours of sleep do you think you need to be able to be productive at work? Job Seeker 2006-08-03
    12. Do you think a 20 minute power nap during work would boost workplace productivity? Job Seeker 2006-07-27
    13. While on holiday, do you usually keep in touch with the office work? Job Seeker 2006-07-20
    14. During the Summer, which one of the following reasons affects your overall company productivity? Employer 2006-07-20
    15. Are you able to take all of your annual leave at one go? Job Seeker 2006-07-13
    16. Do you calculate your emloyees annual leave as Employer 2006-07-13
    17. How far back do you plan your holiday? Job Seeker 2006-07-06
    18. Can your employees take Employer 2006-07-06
    19. When do your employees usually take their holidays? Employer 2006-06-29
    20. When do you prefer to take your holidays? Job Seeker 2006-06-29
    21. Is there an age bracket beyond which your company believes jobseekers become less productive? Employer 2006-06-22
    22. Is pay in your company Job Seeker 2006-06-22
    23. Is there a formal or informal age bracket in place for the hiring of most employees Employer 2006-06-15
    24. In your firm does nationality Job Seeker 2006-06-15
    25. Do you find your company averse to hire employees above age 40? Employer 2006-06-08

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