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  Question Website Section Date
26. Do you take a vacation during the summer months? Job Seeker 2016-05-29
27. I travel on the Eid break. Job Seeker 2016-05-27
28. I personally give more to charity during Ramadan. Job Seeker 2016-05-26
29. I generally take time off work during Ramadan. Job Seeker 2016-05-25
30. My lifestyle habits are healthier in Ramadan. Job Seeker 2016-05-24
31. I see more family and friends in Ramadan. Job Seeker 2016-05-23
32. I use Ramadan to reflect on my life and become a better person. Job Seeker 2016-05-22
33. Ramadan lifts overall morale at work. Job Seeker 2016-05-20
34. Do you socialize more with colleagues during Ramadan? Job Seeker 2016-05-19
35. Ramadan is one of my favorite times of the year. Job Seeker 2016-05-17

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