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  Question Website Section Date
26. Are you interested in seeing job postings shared on social media? Job Seeker 2014-09-18
27. How often do you click on a job posting on a social media channel? Job Seeker 2014-09-16
28. Meetings at your company are a great way to reach good decisions: Job Seeker 2014-09-15
29. At your company, remote team members take an active part in meetings and are always engaged: Job Seeker 2014-09-11
30. At your company, action items are recorded during meetings and people are held responsible for carrying them out: Job Seeker 2014-09-08
31. Meetings at your company are always helpful and an effective use of people’s time: Job Seeker 2014-09-05
32. At your company, key decisions are always recorded and shared with attendees after the meeting ends: Job Seeker 2014-09-02
33. Meetings at your company remain focused on the right issues: Job Seeker 2014-08-30
34. During meetings, people behave appropriately and reach consensus on key decisions: Job Seeker 2014-08-27
35. At your company, everyone contributes during meetings: Job Seeker 2014-08-25
36. At your company, the right people are always present in meetings: Job Seeker 2014-08-22
37. Meetings at your company finish on time: Job Seeker 2014-08-19
38. Meetings at your company start on time: Job Seeker 2014-08-16
39. Meetings at your company have agendas distributed in advance: Job Seeker 2014-08-12
40. How much do environmental issues (e.g. pollution, conservation of natural resources, etc.) concern you? Job Seeker 2014-08-08
41. How important is it for you to go ‘green’ in your lifestyle? Job Seeker 2014-08-06
42. Are you aware of the concept of ‘carbon footprint’? Job Seeker 2014-08-02
43. Which of the below green technologies you think will be the most up-and-coming in the near future? Job Seeker 2014-07-29
44. Do you reuse items at work? Job Seeker 2014-07-24
45. How do you commute to work every day? Job Seeker 2014-07-22
46. Does your workplace encourage you to go ‘paperless’, and use email or online resources? Job Seeker 2014-07-17
47. Do you conserve electricity and water at home and at work? Job Seeker 2014-07-15
48. How do you dispose of used paper at work? Job Seeker 2014-07-11
49. How do you dispose of used paper at home? Job Seeker 2014-07-08
50. Does your workplace provide a recycling box? Job Seeker 2014-07-05

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