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    26. In my company, important decisions and vital meetings are postponed until Ramadan is over: Job Seeker 2014-06-11
    27. Employees in my company tend to become less efficient during Ramadan: Job Seeker 2014-06-09
    28. Employees in my company tend to become short-tempered during Ramadan: Job Seeker 2014-06-07
    29. Special bonuses should be offered to employees in order to motivate them during Ramadan: Job Seeker 2014-06-05
    30. People staying awake late in Ramadan results in lower productivity at work throughout the day: Job Seeker 2014-06-03
    31. My consumption of goods and services increases in Ramadan: Job Seeker 2014-05-31
    32. More working hours during Ramadan would have a positive impact on my company’s performance: Job Seeker 2014-05-29
    33. More working hours in Ramadan would have a positive impact on my performance: Job Seeker 2014-05-27
    34. I feel that businesses slow down during Ramadan: Job Seeker 2014-05-25
    35. People in my company tend to take their holidays during Ramadan: Job Seeker 2014-05-22
    36. My company has different official working hours during Ramadan: Job Seeker 2014-05-20
    37. Are ethical criteria included in your organization’s employee appraisal system? Job Seeker 2014-05-17
    38. Do top managers in your organization set a good example of ethical conduct? Job Seeker 2014-05-13
    39. Is unethical behavior punished in your organization? Job Seeker 2014-05-11
    40. Does your organization have procedures for reporting unethical behavior? Job Seeker 2014-05-08
    41. Does your organization require ethics training? Job Seeker 2014-05-05
    42. Does your organization have a written code of ethics? Job Seeker 2014-05-02
    43. To what extent are the values of your company fleshed out and communicated to all? Job Seeker 2014-04-27
    44. Do you think it’s possible to succeed professionally without compromising your personal morals and values? Job Seeker 2014-04-24
    45. Have you ever been asked to do something at work that clashed with your personal values? Job Seeker 2014-04-22
    46. How important is it to you that your company has top ethics and integrity? Job Seeker 2014-04-19
    47. Do you see your direct manager as a person with a high level of ethics and integrity? Job Seeker 2014-04-16
    48. Do you see your company as one that has a high level of ethics and integrity? Job Seeker 2014-04-14
    49. Would you want to be paid to work for a non-profit organization? Job Seeker 2014-04-10
    50. Are there are opportunities to work in non-profit organizations in your country of residence? Job Seeker 2014-04-07

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