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    26. Poor performance is effectively addressed in your company: Job Seeker 2014-02-06
    27. Employee job satisfaction is a top priority for management in your company: Job Seeker 2014-02-04
    28. Your manager values your skills and the contributions you make: Job Seeker 2014-02-03
    29. How engaged do you feel at work? Job Seeker 2014-02-02
    30. At work, you can disagree with your manager without fear of getting in trouble: Job Seeker 2014-01-30
    31. You would rather work at a company where… Job Seeker 2014-01-28
    32. When it comes to management, what matters most to you? Job Seeker 2014-01-26
    33. Which of these is most important to you when it comes to the company you work for? Job Seeker 2014-01-21
    34. When you talk about your organization, how do you refer to it? Job Seeker 2014-01-20
    35. What would you most like to see when you research a company online as a jobseeker? Job Seeker 2014-01-17
    36. Do you research a company online when considering their job opportunities? Job Seeker 2014-01-16
    37. How important is it for you to be proud of where you work? Job Seeker 2014-01-14
    38. Would you recommend your current company to friends/family for employment? Job Seeker 2014-01-12
    39. When someone praises your company, do you feel like it’s a personal compliment? Job Seeker 2014-01-09
    40. What word would you use to describe a company that you would like to work at? Job Seeker 2014-01-07
    41. As a job seeker, what do you think causes the most harm to an employer’s brand? Job Seeker 2014-01-05
    42. Should companies be marketing themselves to jobseekers as great places to work? Job Seeker 2014-01-02
    43. Do you give importance to the company’s or employer’s brand name when considering a new job offer? Job Seeker 2013-12-30
    44. At your organization, there is sufficient slack time for people to take time to think and explore new ideas: Job Seeker 2013-12-27
    45. Your organization’s innovation strategy is a long-term rather than a short-term one? Job Seeker 2013-12-23
    46. Your organization’s innovation efforts have lead it to better financial performance than others in its industry: Job Seeker 2013-12-18
    47. Your organization’s innovation performance is much better than other firms in your industry: Job Seeker 2013-12-13
    48. Customers think of your organization as an innovative one: Job Seeker 2013-12-09
    49. Your organization keeps itself up-to-date with other organizations in its field and adapts best practices: Job Seeker 2013-12-05
    50. Leaders at your organizations are willing to replace existing products with new and better ones Job Seeker 2013-12-02

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