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Poll History

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  Question Website Section Date
26. I am satisfied with my working hours. Job Seeker 2016-02-10
27. I am satisfied with my company's top management team. Job Seeker 2016-02-08
28. I am satisfied with my immediate manager. Job Seeker 2016-02-06
29. I am satisfied with my job security. Job Seeker 2016-02-03
30. I am satisfied with the physical safety conditions of my workplace. Job Seeker 2016-02-01
31. I am satisfied with my relations with coworkers. Job Seeker 2016-01-30
32. I look forward to go back to work after a vacation or weekend. Job Seeker 2016-01-28
33. My work has helped me to discover who I am. Job Seeker 2016-01-26
34. I give my job 100% of my effort and passion. Job Seeker 2016-01-25
35. Exceptional performance is recognized and rewarded at my workplace. Job Seeker 2016-01-24

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