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  Question Website Section Date
26. What do you think online jobsites do best? Job Seeker 2016-09-24
27. Where do you look for jobs? Job Seeker 2016-09-22
28. On average, how much time do you spend every day looking and applying to jobs? Job Seeker 2016-09-21
29. Which part of the job search do you find most difficult? Job Seeker 2016-09-19
30. How hardworking is the team leader in your team? Job Seeker 2016-09-16
31. How professionally do the members of your team behave? Job Seeker 2016-09-11
32. How skilled are the members of your team at their job? Job Seeker 2016-09-07
33. My team's leader is the central decision maker. Job Seeker 2016-09-05
34. There is a lot of trust between my team members at work. Job Seeker 2016-09-03
35. Work among my team is spread equally and fairly. Job Seeker 2016-09-01

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