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Psychometric Evaluation

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The key to a successful career lies in working to your strengths

Ever wondered how you would do as an entrepreneur? … or what it would take to be the star at your workplace.
Bayt.com presents tests designed to evaluate various facets of your professional personae that will help you leverage your strengths and address your weaknesses.
If any of the below sounds familiar...

  • Your best efforts at the workplace are not generating desired results.
  • You are not achieving your set targets.
  • You feel your capabilities extend well beyond your current job description.
  • You just feel you may not be in the right job.

...Evaluate yourself with the Bayt.com Self assessment tests.

What is psychometric evaluation?

A psychometric test is a standardized process to map and plot the psychological traits of an individual in order to measure sensitivity, memory, intelligence, aptitude, personality etc. The objective is to interpret these parameters in terms of specific sociological and professional leanings /attributes, aiding an individual to make the best possible career choices.

The Bayt.com psychometric evaluation tests are designed to specifically evaluate work-related/professional attributes of an individual in view of the cultural nuances and prevalent work-place characteristics specific to the region.

What is unique about Bayt.com psychometric evaluation?

As the No 1 Jobsite in the Middle East, Bayt.com has – and continues to build on- an extensive knowledge of the region’s recruitment practices. It has applied this insight and successfully customized one of the most widely used global HR tools to the recruitment and cultural parameters in the region. All the tests designed by Bayt.com have been tested on a representative sample of jobseekers and found to be highly accurate.

Thus, whether you are a senior executive or an entry level graduate, Bayt.com’s psychometric evaluations will without a doubt help you map the right and successful career path.

Key Work Attributes

  • Identify professional strengths.
  • Showcase your strengths.
  • Distinguish yourself from your peers.
  • Get great performance reviews.

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Ideal Career

  • Identify the career that best suits you.
  • Develop your core areas of expertise.
  • Plan your career path.
  • Get professional success and job-satisfaction.

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Leadership Style

  • Know your leadership style.
  • Get the best out of your team.
  • Deliver consistent results as a manager.
  • Be the manager everyone wants to hire.

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Ideal Workplace

  • Identify the environment that suits you best.
  • Evaluate your current work environment.
  • Set expectations about future career transitions.
  • Be productive, deliver optimum output.

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Entrepreneurial Personality

  • Evaluate your entrepreneurial style.
  • Learn how to leverage your style to succeed best.
  • Know your capabilities and limitations.
  • Get a perspective on the team you should hire.

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Emotional Profile

  • Are you emotionally well adjusted?
  • Your ability to handle emotional situations.
  • The way you bond with people.
  • Use your strengths to influence people and sell your ideas.

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Your workplace engagement

  • How best you can stay engaged at your workplace.
  • The work scenarios that bring out the best in you.
  • How you could improve your productivity.
  • Get an employer’s perspective.

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The Change Agent

  • Find out your attitude to change.
  • How it affects your work and career.
  • Do you need to “change” your ways.
  • Address your shortcomings.

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How can Bayt's Psychometric evaluation help me with my job-search?

Applying to jobs that are aligned with your strengths and interests enhances your chances of getting selected, especially since psychometric evaluation is now adopted by a large number of employers during the recruitment process. Stepping into the job interview knowing exactly what kind of value you can add to the company and having a crystal clear picture of your professional and personal strengths and weaknesses will, without a doubt, impress your interviewer and make you stand out from the pool of applicants.

How accurate are the tests?

Bayt.com Psychometric evaluation has been found to be between 70-90% accurate, thus, JobSeekers can depend on their results as effective practical guidelines to help in planning their future career moves. The Bayt.com Psychometric evaluation tests are continually updated to ensure consistent and accurate results.
The margin of error is primarily due to the fact that the test is completed online which cannot measure distinctively unique and individualistic behavioral traits.

Do I get a preference with an employer for taking the test?

Bayt.com equips its users (employers & jobseekers) with the tools they need to build a lifestyle of their choice in an informed manner. So yes, it can definitely help you stand out, but no, it does not give you any preference with a specific employer.

How do I pay?

Subscribing for "Psychometric tests" is easy

  1. Click on the Order Now Tab.
  2. Choose the tests you want by checking the "check boxes".
  3. Enter discount voucher code in the designated box if you have one.
  4. Check "I agree to the Psychometric Evaluation Services Terms of Agreement…." check box.
  5. Click on "add to order".
  6. Check the Amount in the "Shopping Cart" in the right hand side of the page, and click on "Check Out" tab.
  7. If you are not logged in to your Bayt account at this stage - you will be prompted to do so.
  8. Choose any one method of payment and complete payment.

What happens after I pay?

Once your payment is received:

  1. You will get a mail confirming the receipt of the payment.
  2. The links for the test will be posted in your Bayt Workspace under the heading "Psychometric evaluation."
  3. Start the test whenever you are ready.
  4. Though it is recommended you complete the test in one sitting, you can save your progress at various stages of the test - and complete it at your convenience in multiple sessions.
  5. Once you complete the tests the link for the tests in your workspace will change to "view report".
Select Tests Price
$US 30
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This test identifies your key professional strengths that will distinguish you from your peers at the workplace. This will allow you to target/volunteer for projects and tasks which allow you to showcase your capabilities and get the great performance reviews you’ve been eager to get.
$US 30
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What kind of leader are you? Leadership style is what differentiates one leader from another at the workplace, thus, knowing what style of leadership works best for you is key in helping you get the best out of your team and excel in your career.
$US 30
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Do you know what career you are best suited for in terms of skills and temperament? Does your psychological profile match the career of your choice? Should you be an artist instead of an engineer? An entrepreneur instead of a full time employee? This test allows you to find your true calling and identify exactly the type of career you are best suited for.
$US 30
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In an increasingly globalized workplace, your compatibility with the social and work environment around you determines your levels of commitment, productivity, effectiveness and overall success quotient as a working professional. This impacts your long term career growth prospects. So before switching your jobs or maybe even your country of residence – make sure it is a change in the right direction
$US 30
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Everybody strives to be their own boss, and start on the path of entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur you will be responsible for defining a philosophy that will directly or indirectly shape the outlook of people in your organization. Find out the style of entrepreneurship that suits your personality and maximize your chances of success.
$US 30
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In the corporate workplace it is often your emotional quotient as opposed to your Intelligence quotient that plays a key role in determining your chances of success as a manager, leader or professional. Most positions and professions involve extensive interaction with people, your EQ determines how adept you are at it.
$US 30
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How engaged you are in your workplace determines your level of commitment to your job; which in turn affects your performance. So know what drives you, and improve your productivity and realize you’re potential.
$US 30
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The only thing constant in the world is change, your attitude to change often determines your growth prospects in your workplace, and employees with an open attitude to change are often the ones to be chosen for key positions. So evaluate your basic attitude towards change and improve your career prospects.