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Bayt.com Infographic: How Popular Are Internships in the Middle East?

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December 10, 2012

For lots of young professionals, an internship is the first step taken when entering the job market. How productive an experience are internships in the MENA region, for both interns and employers? Are interns managed well? Are most internships perceived to be paid?

Answers to all these questions and more from Bayt.com's December infographic, which reveals interesting insights from Bayt.com's ‘Internships in the MENA Region’ poll.


  • • 75.6% academic institutions require their students to complete an internship.
  • • 73.4% respondents say they were appointed a mentor during their internship.
  • • 55.2% of internships in the region are believed to be paid, according to respondents.
  • • 48.3% respondents feel their internship was important in developing and learning new skills and gaining knowledge.

Data for the Bayt.com's ‘Internships in the MENA Region’ poll was collected online from October 29 – December 4, 2012, with 9,050 respondents covering more than 12 countries in the MENA region.

This article and all other intellectual property on Bayt.com is the property of Bayt.com. Reproduction of this article in any form is only permissible with written permission from Bayt.com.


Reader's Comments

1. حسين سمير الامينالسلام عليكم . احب ان اقدم الشكر والامتنان والتقدير للقائميين على هذا الموقع المتميز والرائع الذي يوفر الكثير من الفرص المثالية للباحثين عن العمل . سائلين المولى عز وجل ان يوفقكم لما فيه من خير للعباد
Thu 21-Feb-2013 16:53 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
2. basim hussienشكرا للقائمين على هذا الموقع على جهودهم 000 المقال يتضمن فائده ومعلومات قيمه ومهمه ولكن احب ان ابدي راييء في مجال طلب المعلومات الاوليه الخاصه بالتقديم للعمل اذ ياحبذا لو تكون اقل تشعبا وسهوله لنتمكن من التقديم بشكل اكثر سلاسه وايجابيه وفهم 00 وشكرا لكم على كل شيء
Mon 24-Dec-2012 12:08 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
3. reda mohamed osman gameaمقال جميل , شكرا لك
Mon 24-Dec-2012 07:48 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment

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