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Company Reviews in UAE

FMCG Company Reviews in UAE

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Procter & Gamble Reviews Interviews Salaries

"Fantastic company to gain experience and high standards from!" Senior Purchasing Manager at Procter & Gamble

What do you like working at Procter & Gamble?
The possibility of changing assignments every 2-3 years. Also possible to change functions. The trusting and healthy ethics environment. Collaboration was the key word.
Posted: January, 2013
1 reviews

ABC Reviews Interviews Salaries

"Data Entry" Data Entry Clerk at ABC

What do you like working at ABC?
Good atmosphere
Posted: November, 2012
1 reviews

Carrefour Group Reviews Interviews Salaries

"Good atmosphere but poor benefits" IT CLERK at Carrefour Group

What do you like working at Carrefour Group?
I do like to work in Carrefour Group because the company provides standard living atmosphere in the middle of cities.
Good respect.
Career growth.
Posted: October, 2012
2 reviews

Nestle Reviews Interviews Salaries

"Weak Career Development" Marketing specialist at Nestle

What do you like working at Nestle?
Job security
Posted: August, 2012
1 reviews

ASAAT Reviews Interviews Salaries

"Working at ASAAT totally is not recommended" Business Development Manager at ASAAT

What do you like working at ASAAT?
Co Workers are ok, Owners are good
Posted: December, 2011
1 reviews

Global Export Marketing Co. Reviews Interviews Salaries

"Bad Work Environment - family run business and rules/regulations keep changing, Plus same rules dont apply for all. Increments/raises are few and not as per market standards." Asst. Marketing Manager at Global Export Marketing Co.

What do you like working at Global Export Marketing Co.?
The role involved working within retail environment (fast paced with FMCG)
Posted: June, 2011
1 reviews

IFFCO Reviews Interviews Salaries

"Good company to start your career" Associate Manager at IFFCO

What do you like working at IFFCO?
Job stability, work life balance
Posted: March, 2011
2 reviews

Carboholix Reviews Interviews Salaries

"Complete Mess" Operation Coordinator at Carboholix

What do you like working at Carboholix?
Posted: January, 2011
1 reviews

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